There’s something about a picnic. It’s probably the combination of having grass under your bare feet, anchoring out the blanket with your shoes and pulling food out of a basket. However, no matter how you do your picnic, there’s always one thing that’s essential – a great view. 

With Sydney full of picnic-perfect scenery, here’s our four favourite choices. 

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

If you’re seeking variety and a different view around each corner, the Royal Botanic Gardens is your ideal picnic spot. Wander through the different offerings before deciding where to roll out your blanket – if you can choose that is! 

A bonus here is that if your picnic is disturbed by rain, the Herb Garden and Pavilion offers some cover for those in need. 


2. Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

You’ll struggle to find a view more perfect or whimsical than at this hideaway garden. Lush greenery, hidden nooks and meandering paths create the perfect place to explore and escape. However, it’s not just the garden itself that makes this spot so great for a picnic. Take a look at the horizon and you’ll see Sydney’s Harbour Bridge arching across it. 

3. Balls Head Reserve

Jump in your Sydney hire car for this one, and make sure you’re wearing walking shoes. Down on the lower north shore you’ll find a patch of outback wilderness that presents excellent views of the city. Walkways through Balls Head Reserve make if a great place to stretch your legs after your picnic, as well as snapping a few more pictures of the harbour and city. Linger till sunset and watch the skyline become a mass of colour. 

4. Wattamolla beach

Is it really a picnic list without a beach on offer? Wattamolla beach is a mixture of open sand, stunningly aquamarine waters, lagoons and rocky outcroppings. Basically, everything you could hope for when it comes to a full-day picnic option. Pack your hire car with snorkels as well as a basket of food, and make your way out to the Royal National Park where this beach is located. 

Make the most of Sydney’s amazing picnic spots. Grab your hire car from the airport, stop off at a grocery store and head out to enjoy the views!