A rental car is an important asset to have on any Australian holiday. It opens up a world of activities and locations to you and your fellow vacationers that public transport just doesn’t, and ensures you reach those activities and locations in private, air-conditioned comfort.

Below are just a few of the reasons we think public transport – and, in particular, taking the bus – is inferior to travelling by rental car.

First and foremost, if you opt to take public transport, you are at the mercy of other people’s schedules. Buses, for instance, only leave at certain times of the day and will only take you so far. If you want to go somewhere that’s off the beaten track, chances are you won’t find a bus that goes there. Or you’ll have to take two buses. Or five.

And the only thing worse than having to stick to these schedules is when the buses themselves don’t. What if, say, you’ve planned to see one of the many fantastic performances that are happening in Sydney – A Night Out With Julie Andrews, anyone? – and you’re all set to take the bus to the theatre when … the bus doesn’t show up at its scheduled time. Do you wait? And miss Julie?

Navigating public transport can also be a mission. Figuring out which buses alight at which stops, and worrying about what stop to get off at, then getting off too early and having to make up the extra distance on foot – it can be a nightmare, and it’s definitely an unnecessary one.

If you organise a Sydney Domestic Airport car rental – or wherever else you happen to be – you can go anywhere you want, at whatever time suits you. You won’t have to miss a second of precious Julie Andrews’ time because of unreliable public transport, and you can park right outside the theatre.