If you love mountain biking then waste no more time finding the best trails in Australia – we have you covered. Just pack up your rental car and head out because when you think about it, there’s really no better place to go mountain biking than through this country’s amazing geography. It has as many scenic rides as it does challenging paths. So to get to some of these destinations, we recommend you pick up a rental car to ensure you will make it to each location safe and secure via a reliable ride.

Hang tight, we’ve got some road trip destinations that you need to drive your four wheels to, so you can put your two wheels to the test!

Mawson Trail, SA

Let’s start in the south at the Mawson Trail. Not many are willing to explore the outback, but if you’re up to the challenge then you have 900 kilometres of trail to tackle should you choose to do the whole thing. The entire trail takes about 14 days, but you can break it down into smaller sections if you’re eager to get on to the next path. This isn’t the worst route to pick either, as you’ll get to enjoy some countryside, but more importantly, Barossa wine country. You’ll be well advised to stay hydrated throughout this trip, but a little wine tasting pit stop certainly won’t hurt anyone.

The Gap to Mount Glorious, QLD

This path is 60 km of nonstop biking fun. Brisbane’s most popular biking path is ideal for both mountain and road bikes, being exceptionally well maintained (if you take the path in a clockwise direction that is). You won’t be bored on this ride as there are several challenging climbs. But it’s not good just for its athletic challenge, it’s also an amazing path because as you bike, you can take in the mesmerising views of DiAguilar’s subtropical rainforest. It’s going to be hard to beat those views, but we have some more paths for you!

riding a bike uphill at sunset
You’re in for some beautiful rides when you bike through these destinations.

Victorian Alps Cycle Trail, VIC

If you thought 60 km was long, then get ready for the Victorian Alps Cycle Trail, it’s 462  km long and takes up to 10 days to finish. Bikers can get both road and mountain cycling experiences here. As you can imagine, you’re going to be tested on this ride – there are some pretty intense uphill climbs you’ll have to battle through. Riding along the trail next to Lake Hume is always a spectacular experience, however you’ll need to be a little careful as it is a gravel road. Don’t worry, there are sleeping accommodations as you tackle this path, so you won’t have to nap in the woods.

Plenty Gorge, VIC

Plenty Gorge has a number of trails, so it is suitable for riders of all experiences. Truly, there is something for everyone as you’ll get everything from rocky gardens to smooth pathway. This riding area is quite popular in the Victoria region, so you’ll likely be in good company with fellow bikers. If you like this spot enough, you can even join the Plenty Gorge MTB Club and come back another time.

Ourimbah State Forest, NSW 

If you’re looking for a mix of downhill and cross country trails, then Ourimbah State Forest is the spot for you. Here you’ll get everything from thick forest and gullies to rocky cragged climbs. There are a couple of paths that you can take, so you’ll have to decide what you want to start with first once you roll up! The paths are well marked, so you won’t have an issue with this. Conditions for downhill are ideal for everyone, but especially beginners who are just starting to get a feel for the exhilarating motion!

mountain biking on a trail on a cloudy day
Take the path less travelled for an amazing experience.

Bondi to Mount Kosciusko, NSW 

Here’s another one of the longer trails on this list as Bondi to Mount Kosciusko stretches an impressive 658 kilometres. This means it’ll take about six to eight days of biking to complete. But once you’re zipping past the beautiful waves that are Bondi and the exquisite skyline that is Sydney, down through the southern highlands we think it might take you a little longer as you’ll be so captivated by the sights. You’ll be able to stop along the way, but it might be a good idea for you to leave a car at the end destination so you don’t have to undo the trip.

Now that you have the road trip all planned out, you just need your transportation. That’s where we come in. Give us a call here at East Coast Car Rentals and we’ll have a ride ready for you to strap your bike to in no time at all.