When you’re embarking on a road trip, you’re always well advised to bring a healthy amount of snacks. But make no mistake, everyone, there is a wrong way to snack when you’re on a road trip. We take snacking very seriously here at East Coast Car Rentals. Because just like your gas tank needs to be filled up to keep going, so do you.

You need to know what the best treats are to bring on a road trip to help you fuel up for the long haul.

We suggest making it as nutrient dense as possible.

1. Burritos

Burritos are brilliant. You can fill it with whatever goodness you want, wrap it up and you’re ready to hit the road. It’s a snack that will fully satiate your appetite. We suggest making it as nutrient dense as possible. Black rice, black beans, lettuce, guacamole and Mexican cheese are all burrito musts.

2. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 

You need a little sweet snack to boost your spirits when the road starts to feel a little long. Plus, when you put oatmeal in the cookies, you get bonus nutrients! The oats give you a nice fibre boost and when you combine that with the little sugar pop from the chocolate chips, you’ve got a winning road trip combination.

3. Unshelled peanuts 

Talk about a little protein punch! You have to keep your wits about you when driving long hours, and that means you need protein. The airlines were really on to something when they started offering this snack during flights. Peanuts are perfectly travel-sized, just make sure you buy them unshelled, because otherwise you’ve got yourself a messy, cumbersome hazard.

a plate of burritos
A burrito is the ultimate road trip snack.

Common snack mistakes 

Don’t be that person that brings these snacks on the road trip.

1. Popcorn 

A delicious treat, yes. But how often do you go to grab a handful and find yourself dropping puffy bits of popcorn all over? It can be a relatively greasy snack as well, making your hands too oily to properly grip the wheel. Not to mention that it’s lightweight, so you open the windows for some fresh air, and your whole car will become a mobile bag of popcorn.

You can’t peel and drive.

2. Whole fruit 

You have to be careful with fruit – especially with a peel. You can’t just toss a banana peel out the window – you’d create a real life game of Mario Kart. That said, whole apples aren’t great either, if you don’t dispose of the core relatively quickly it could stink up the car. And oranges? Forget about them! You can’t peel and drive. If you’re going to bring fruit, ensure it’s properly peeled or cut before you start driving to avoid the hassle.

3. Salt and vinegar chips

Good for wide, open spaces and absolutely terribly for small, enclosed quarters. Salt and vinegar chips are absolutely yum, but that smell is super sharp and will reek up a car once that bag is popped. The person who brings this snack on a road trip should be regarded as an actual monster.

No matter where you’re going, we hope that you follow our snacking tips to help fuel you up for your road trip. Of course, you need a reliable car to do the snacking in, and we can help with that too. Just check out our selection of vehicles and see which suits your journey and number of mates best. We ensure all our cars are up to date on inspections so all you really have to do is grab the keys and go. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the road.