While TLC warned us not to, we just can't help chasing waterfalls, especially when they're as abundant and amazing as the ones in and around Auckland!

With your East Coast Car Rental vehicle at the ready, get set to discover some of our favourite waterfalls in this area. 

1. Hunua Falls

50-minute drive from Auckland CBD

Located in the Hunua Ranges, 50 kilometres south of the city is the gorgeous Hunua Falls. The drive itself is just as picturesque as the falls themselves, with meadows and mountain landscapes forming the backdrop of your journey.

Upon arriving, park your car and head over to the suspension bridge. From here, you'll get the perfect opportunity to snap a great photo of the winding stream leading to the mighty waterfall – all perfectly framed by surrounding fauna.

Carry on along the path for a few more minutes until you reach the entrance to the falls' pool. While it may look inviting to take a quick dip, visitors are warned not to enter due to deep, cold water and slippery rocks.

Instead, admire the crashing water from one of the nearby picnic tables before enjoying the scenic drive back into the city.  

2. Huka Falls

Three and a half hour drive from Auckland CBD

If you're on a road trip down the North Island, Huka Falls is a stop worth making. With a thundering 11-metre waterfall and 20-metre wide gorge pumping 220,000 litres of water per second, it's no surprise that Huka Falls is the most visited tourist attraction in the country!

The water itself is of the brightest teal, making capturing a stunning photo incredibly easy. There are plenty of viewing platforms overlooking the river and falls, but if you want to get a closer look, there's the chance to jump onboard a jet boat which zips up and down the river, stopping at the base of the falls itself. 

3. Lucas Creek

20-minute drive from Auckland CBD

You don't have to drive far to find spectacular natural beauty – just take Lucas Creek for example. This secluded waterfall is located on the North Shore in the suburb of Albany – just 22 kilometres from the city centre! 

Being in such a picturesque setting with accompanying walking tracks, we're surprised Lucas Creek is such a hidden gem – but we're not complaining!  

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