Australia has always embraced an active lifestyle, but now with so many different themed running events, it’s even easier for everyone to participate. These fun runs are bringing people from all across the country to unique destinations. Do you have any trips planned with your mates? These events are the perfect way to shake up your average weekend and do something new. It’s time for a road trip!

Hit up some, or all, of these awesome fun runs and don’t forget to rent yourself a comfortable car to get your weary self across the next finish line.

Perth’s Pancake Run

Running and pancakes, breakfast and running – what a combination! Now that you’re thinking about it, what encourages you to get active? A stack of buttery flapjacks waiting across the finish line sounds like the perfect motivation. Opt for a light five kilometre run or a more hunger inducing 15 km around the course in Kings Park. Fortunately, most running gear is equipped with an elastic waste band which is perfect for both running and indulging in some hot pancakes!

a stack of pancakes with blueberries
Who wouldn’t run for pancakes?

Sydney’s Color Run 

The Color Run made its way to Sydney two years ago and since then has become a vibrant success. There’s truly nothing quite like this event as it attracts runners from every generation and spraying them in bursts of colours along the way. You don’t have to be the fastest runner in the world to participate in The Color Run as the event staff also encourage you to dance or skip throughout the 5 km run. The goal of this race isn’t to win, but instead to have fun and live a healthier lifestyle. Grab some of your best mates, a spacious Toyota Commuter minibus and road trip on over to Sydney’s most animated fun run.

To note, the Color Run has several different dates and locations throughout the year so you never have to worry about missing out on all the colour blasted entertainment.

Dirty Dog Trail Run

Any dog lovers will enjoy this opportunity to include their pooch on a 4 or 8 km run. Located in Coopernook State Forest, the Dirty Dog Trail Event is a bit more of a trail run, but you and your pup can tackle it however you so desire. No matter what, it’s just nice to be out enjoying the fresh air and scenery with your four legged best friend. Plus you can feel extra good about this race because it raises cash for animal saving centre Sweet Pea Rescue and national advocacy group Animals Australia. Once you’re done, you’ll both be dog tired, so jump in your rented van and head home for a long cat nap.

lady running with a dog
Runs are more fun with your pooch by your side!

Zoo Run

Here’s another run that goes right back to the animals. The Zoo Run at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary features either a 5 or a 2 km run or walk that guides you through bushland and lush rainforest which is home to over 1,000 native Australian species. This means there’s a good chance you’ll run by one of the animals you’re helping support! There are several of these runs, so you can check to see what’s happening around you, or road trip and explore an area you’ve never been before!

When it comes down to it, there is always an excuse to hop in a van with your friends or family and make some memories together on an epic road trip. Count on East Coast Car Rentals to get you there.