Part of the magic that makes Christmas so special is the fact that everyone is in a good, festive mood. This mood is often displayed in the very colourful, twinkling arrangement of holiday lights.

Do you love to hop in your car and drive around town, up and down every street, scouting for the best lights and the most holiday spirit? It’s your Christmas duty to do so, those people aren’t putting those displays up for nothing!

We’ve tracked down some of the best holiday light displays in Sydney, so slap those decorative car reindeer antlers and nose on your rental sleigh and let’s go find some Christmas cheer!

Martin Place Christmas tree

Our first stop in Sydney is none other than the 21 metre tall Christmas tree. It’s the perfect way to get your Christmas cheer on. And, from 6 pm to 8 pm every day until Christmas, this attraction comes complete with a live choir. You’ll get a different, yet magical experience every time you go (because we know you’ll want to visit more than once)!

Colours so vibrant you’ll immediately become entranced in the Christmas spirit.

St Mary’s Cathedral 

If you’re looking for a light show that will take your breath away, then you simply must stop by St Mary’s Cathedral. This year’s light display features festive scenes from the Nutcracker among others! The whole front of the church is completely illuminated with colours so vibrant you’ll immediately become entranced in the Christmas spirit.

North Bondi, 5 Waratah Street 

Venture out of the city and see what Sydney’s neighbourhoods have to offer. This house in particular never disappoints its Christmas crowds as the family has everything from a parcel laden Christmas tree to an inflatable Santa, penguin family and showman. Of course, the decorations don’t stop there – come marvel at the multiple layers of holiday cheer.

Christmas lights display
These Christmas light displays aren’t messing around!

Don’t forget, your car might be good enough for driving around town, but when it comes to a road trip like this, you’ll want a car that you can rely on to make the journey – especially since the ultimate road trip vehicle, Santa’s sleigh, won’t be available this time of year. He’s getting ready for his world-wide trip, and he’s got a lot of houses to visit. Our fleet of vehicles here at East Coast Car Rentals are safe and reliable as they undergo routine inspections.

Contact us today and let’s get you over the river, through the woods and all the way to grandma’s house and beyond!