Sydney is a beautiful city, filled to the brim with endless delights all guaranteed to keep you entertained during your holiday and you are sure to get some glorious snaps!

However, while you may not be able to fit all the city’s highlights into your trip away, there are some aspects of the Harbour City that simply cry out for a photograph.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is an icon of the city and if it is your first visit to this location, odds are you will want to snap a few pictures to prove it.

Why not jump on a ferry and get up close and personal with the bridge? Or, if you are in need of some exercise, you could consider walking across it.

This will take you to the Rocks, which offers up a little slice of Sydney’s history. Located here is the Sydney Observatory. Walk through the beautiful grounds and marvel at the heritage-listed sandstone building.

You should also ensure you check out the 3D movie show and have a go at looking through the Observatory’s powerful telescope to see what you can spot.

Observatory Hill is also another location you could visit. Although if you head here you might want to find somewhere to park your rental car in Sydney, as you are guaranteed to spend awhile.

Look out over the Harbour Bridge to view it in all its glory and see what the fuss about Walsh Bay is. You are sure to want to experiment will all sorts of angles and apertures to capture the moment.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Not only are these gardens the perfect place to see a bit of nature in an urban setting, they also lend themselves to countless other pursuits sure to capture your imagination.

In fact, the Botanic Gardens offer a walk that will kill two Sydney must-see locations in one fell swoop. Walk along the water and spot some gorgeous views. The lush manicured walkway is perfect for that afternoon stroll, particularly on a good day.

Plus, once you hit Mrs Macquarie Point you can snap some to-die-for shots of the Opera House bathed in the afternoon sunshine. The Sydney Harbour Bridge can also be seen from this spot.

Sydney Harbour

Chocka with secluded beaches, quiet coves and full of sailboats, there is a reason Sydney’s harbour is so well-known.

While there are some obvious pictures you could capture here, why not see where your imagination leads you?

It might be that you stumble on a picturesque cove or some spectacular wildlife. Either way, take time to explore this stunning area so you will have plenty of images to remember your trip by.

Turimetta Beach

This is a little known secret in Sydney, but much-loved by professional and amateur photographers alike because of its spectacular sunsets and unusual rock formation.

Make sure you pack your wellies though as you may want to wade in the water for that ideal snap – and it can be chilly at times!

Your ND filter is another must in your bag, as you will be scrambling for it to capture these views.

While you are there you may also want to head to the beautiful rock pool called Narrabeen Pool for some spectacular marine shots.

Taronga Zoo

Want some hauntingly beautiful shots of rare and wild animals? Taronga Zoo is just the place. It is close enough to provide breathtaking views of the city and if you’re lucky you might be able to find a way to contrast the urban jungle with the wildlife all in one frame!

There are so many features and activities to partake in at this zoo, so it might pay to plan your trip in advance, so you don’t miss out on the highlights!