If you are interested to learn more about sustainable farming, living and environmentally friendly practices, head down in your Melbourne Airport car hire for the Sustainable Living Festival.

This festival – the largest sustainable living initiative Down Under – aims to inspire Australians to go green by providing inspirational tools, and raising awareness of this movement and the ecological and social challenges faced by everyday Aussies.

Join over 150,000 visitors to this festival that hosts a wide variety of individuals, groups and communities with like minds, who aim to promote sustainability.

The big weekend event is the highlight of the festival and will take place on Federation Square from February 14 – 16. Here, you can attend an interactive workshop, talk, demonstration or take a peek at some artworks, films, live performances or other exhibits that highlight issues of ecological and social sustainability.

People come from all around the globe to take part in this festival, including those from China, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil and Chile.

It is held by the Sustainable Living Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the community to support ways of living that are sustainable both in a local and an international forum.

Set up in 1998, the first festival saw just a small handful of people meeting in Musk, just outside of Daylesford.

It gave them the opportunity to share information with like-minded individuals and resulted in the creation of the Foundation.

The festival has continued its strong growth into 2014 and is now one of the must-do events on the Melbourne events calendar.

This year, it looks set to feature events such as community gardening, swap meets, conservation activities and DIY workshops.

So if you’d like to learn a new skill or two, organise your EV rentals from our Melbourne CBD car hire location so you can gain some new knowledge about how to live more sustainably.