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Our team are here to help you get the most out of your trip from the moment yu arrive to the second you leave. We’ve asked our East Coast Car Rentals team to provide you with some of their favourite things to do in, around, and out of the city. Whether you’re here for the day or the week – we hope these personal favourites help you get the most out of your time here and maybe even inspire you to come back.

What is your favourite thing to do on your day off with our cars?

Explore the beaches – the rocky cliff faces around Sydney’s beaches are amazing. The Bronte walk takes you all along the rocket shores – then stop for lunch at the Bondi RSL, the perfect way to kill a couple of hours and enjoy the scenery.

What is your favourite thing to do on a long weekend? The only catch is that you need to drive the car you have hired. 

Port Stephens to see the whales migrating (a certain time of year). The beaches are awesome. You can go horse and camel riding on the beach and the fishing is great too! Such a beautiful part of NSW and only a leisurely 2.5 hours drive from our depot.

Someone has a day free before catching their flight, what should they do?

Jump on the Manly ferry (not the fast cat) and enjoy the scenery on the harbour, going under the harbour bridge, and past the opera house. Grab some lunch and enjoy the beach at Manly, then catch the ferry back!  A very cheap, lovely way to spend the day. They can even drop their car off and catch the train from our depot right to the Opera House where they can catch the ferry!

You and your friends are going to your favourite restaurant, what’s it called and what is it all about?

I try not to go to the same restaurant twice – I want to try them all! Altitude is the best I have been to so far!  It is on level 36 of the Shangri-La and has an amazing view! The degustation menu is out of this world. I recommend going at night as the view is spectacular! Not great for someone scared of heights.

What is your favourite historical site near ECCR?

The Rocks. It’s like stepping back in time to England in the 1800s. So many little alleys to wander through and see all the amazing old-world architecture and right under the harbour bridge for an amazing view of the opera house and it’s easily accessible in your car rental Sydney.

Where is your favourite pub to visit?

Coogee Bay hotel. Great view, fantastic location, live music – this place is my favourite pub in Australia!




East Coast Car Rental Staff Members Favourite things to do:

Abbie, Rental Sales Agent – East Coast Car Rentals Sydney

What is your favourite thing to do in a hired car?

Head to one of the eastern beaches. I love Bronte beach, especially in the evening time when the sun is starting to come down. Plenty of good restaurants and gelato in the area!

You have a three-day weekend coming up, where do you go near the Sydney airport?

Get out of busy Sydney for the weekend & go for a drive along the coast in your car rental Sydney. Byron bay is always a good idea!

An East Coast Car Rentals Sydney customer has a day before their flight, what should they do?

Smiling car rental agent in Sydney

The best way to enjoy Sydney for the day is in the city down at The Rocks & Opera House. There are plenty of good waterfront restaurants with a good views.

What is your favourite restaurant near your office?

The Grounds of Alexandria is a really cute all-in-one restaurant, café and bar. Good food & good vibes and only a short 5 minute drive from the ECCR depot.

What is your favourite coastal walk and beach to visit?

Bondi to Coogee walk is definitely the best coastal walk in Sydney. Great views of all the best beaches including Bronte which is my favourite. It’s best to park your car at Coogee and walk from there, parking at Byron can be a bit messy.

What is your favourite place to visit that is 2 to 3 hour drive out of our depot?

The Blue Mountains are perfect for a short trip outside of Sydney. Lots of nice walks and scenery as well as some amazing hotels and Airbnb’s. Not to mention it’s only an hour’s drive from Sydney.


Solo – Sydney Airport Courtesy Shuttle Bus Driver

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Head down to the Sydney CBD and enjoy a walk through the botanical gardens, or a meal overlooking the Opera House. If it’s a rainy day you can enjoy the Museum of Contemporary Art which is open to the public by donation.

What is your favourite beach to visit in Sydney?

Bondi is the best. You have access to one of the world’s most famous beaches, great cafes, and amazing coastlines.

What is your ‘hidden gem’ near our location?

Ramsgate is a small suburb just south of Sydney airport car rental. It’s a perfect place to fill some time before you bring your car back.

Where is your favourite road trip destination within 2-3 Hours of ECCR?

Only a two-hour drive north of Sydney the Hunter Valley Region is famous country wide for its wineries, restaurants, and countryside getaways.

What is the best event to attend in your hired car?

The Royal Randwick Racecourse host’s some of the country’s largest horse racing events, quite the spectacle they are worth checking out while you’re in Sydney.





Dave – The Best Car Rental Sydney Mechanic.

What is the best day trip from Sydney airport?

The Royal National Park is just a 45 minute drive from your pickup location. Home to a pristine section of coastline, and forest walks. This national is particularly special with over 100 km of coastal walking tracks.

What is the greatest thing to do in Sydney on a long weekend?

I enjoy heading down to Cronulla. With one of Sydney’s largest beachfront, it’s easy to find some space without all the crowds, they also have a dog-friendly area perfect for anyone travelling with pets.

What is your favourite place to road trip within 2-3 hours of ECCR?

3 hours south of Sydney is Jervis Bay! Home to (almost) the world’s whitest sand beaches, there really isn’t another place like it in Australia.

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