When you’re driving up and down the country in your Brisbane international airport car rental, the pressure of your vehicle’s tyres is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, it shouldn’t be. There are a number of benefits to keeping those tyres pumped up. So, next time you’re at the petrol station, spare a thought for your tyre pressure!

Why it’s important

According to the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA), if you keep the tyres on your rental car from Brisbane at the correct pressure, you won’t use fuel as quickly as you would otherwise.

This is because your tyres will be rolling as effectively and efficiently as possible. Therefore you won’t have to stop at the petrol station as often – which means you’ll not only be saving money, but also valuable time.

Make sure you spend it wisely!

NRMA also reveals that the correct tyre pressure can make your vehicle easier to handle, which means you’ll be less likely to get into a road accident – and you’ll be able to face those long, windy roads like a pro.

Your tyres will be losing pressure each day, so it’s important that you check them regularly. You don’t have to do this every time you stop at the petrol station – though you can if you want to, as it’s super easy!

How to do it

You will find information about what the pressure of your rental car’s tyres should be somewhere in the vehicle. This location differs from model to model, but is commonly found on the edge of driver’s-side door.

It might pay to check with East Coast Car Rentals where this information resides before you take off!

When you pull up to a petrol station’s air pump, wait a few minutes before checking your tyres’ pressures. It works best when they’re cold, so have a little break from driving, stretch your legs, buy a coffee and then get to work.

Simply measure each tyre’s pressure using the air pump, and compare it to the correct PSI or kPa level that is located in your rental car.

If there’s a difference between them, you’ll need to get pumping. Set the required pressure on the air pump – making sure you’ve selected whether you’re measuring in units of PSI or kPa – and connect the air pump’s hose to your tyres, one at a time.

The air pump should make a beeping noise when your tyre has reached the correct pressure.

Easy, right?

Things to keep in mind

You might be interested to know that dramatic changes in the weather can have an effect on the pressure of your tyres. So, if you’re moving between hot and cold climates, it is even more important that your spare a thought for your tyre pressure.

According to Bridgestone, other factors that can mess with your tyre pressure are how fast you’re driving and how big your vehicle’s load is.

Since you’re on holiday, chances are your rental car is going to be pretty full of luggage, people and (hopefully) lots of souvenirs.

If you’re moving around a lot, taking advantage of the fact that you have a rental car and can visit far-off places, you’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time on highways at quick speeds.

So keep an eye on those tyres, and keep them pumped up!

You shouldn’t spend your days and nights worrying about your rental car’s tyre pressure – it’s just something to keep in mind if you’re doing a lot of driving.

And, with so much to see and do in Brisbane, you probably will be!