What is the worst thing you can let yourself experience after enduring a long flight in a cramped seat, the long immigration queue, the endless baggage claim wait and the overzealous customs and quarantine checks? How about another cramped seat on the bus or transfer shuttle for another 2 hour trip from the Airport to your Hotel? Do you have a better choice? Of course, if you have your own Gold Coast car hire ready for you to pick up and drive away. It will save you both time and money!

AVOID THE Queues – Leave the others to suffer as you collect your rental car from East Coast Car Rentals and drive straight to your hotel.

NO DETOURS – Why go from one Hotel to another, dropping off other passengers? Your Hotel is probably going to be the last stop too!

MORE THAN JUST A TRANSFER – With your car hire based on 24 hour periods you will still have use of the vehicle well after you arrive at your Hotel. Time to collect some supplies, squeeze in some shopping or even start to explore the area.

ALL THE WAY – Unlike the train which could leave you stranded at a station that is still quite far away from your hotel, only to have you catch a bus the remainder of the way, you can take your rental car all the way to your Hotel’s front door.

SAVE MONEY – Take the price challenge. Below are the prices* for a family of 4 (2 adults plus 2 children) ONE WAY, on some of the transfer options. Use our online quote form to compare.

* Brisbane – Surfers Return (2ad + 2ch)
Shuttle Bus $210.00*
Air Train (to Nerang Station – 8km inland) $140.40*
Taxi $280.00*
Limousine – Sedan $360.00*
Limousine – Stretch $500.00*
7 Day Car Rental $180.10*