Getting tired of your usual picnic spot in the park? You’ve seen the same flowers blossom season after season, your initials are already carved into the trunk of a nearby tree and you know the name of the dog who keeps trying to steal your sandwiches. Yes – it’s certainly time for a change, so who’s ready for a road trip?

If your picnic blanket has left an indentation in your usual spot, then we have some awesome new places in Australia that could be considered a picnickers paradise. And don’t worry – these parks also prohibit bringing along dogs, so you won’t have to worry about any thieving pups!

Daintree National Park, QLD

Start your trip off with an adventurous hike around Daintree National Park, it’s got tons to explore before you settle in for a lunch in the sun. There are two parts to this park – Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge. You can start by exploring Cape Tribulation because this section of the park has the tropical rainforest filled with rare species. There are several trails so don’t worry about getting lost. Once you’re done wandering around in the rainforest, head on over to to Mossman Gorge and splash around in the Mossman River. Explore both and see which area you’d prefer to set up for a picnic.

Do you prefer a good lunch on the beach?

Great Sandy National Park, QLD

Are you and your S.O. more about the beach life? Then this is the park for you – just swap your picnic blanket for a beach towel. There are a couple areas that make up this park, Noosa Heads and Rainbow beach, and Fraser Island. The cool part about Fraser Island is that it is the world’s largest sand island and the only place where a tall rainforest grows as it’s only place forest grows in sand. It’s certainly a unique place for you both to enjoy. Pack a big picnic and enjoy these spots in this park for multiple meals!  

Splash around in the waves, build a sandcastle (then break it down) and you’ll have worked up a good appetite for lunch. Just make sure you don’t get any sand in your picnic basket!

Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Of course, you have to check out the largest national park in New South Wales as well! It’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve complete with six different wilderness areas, so you could easily spend quite a few days scouting out your favourite picnic spot. Perhaps you’ll enjoy an intimate cave setting or, for the more daring, a picnic with a view on the edge of a gorge. There are tons of spots where you can plunk down and enjoy a nice meal.

a picnic basket with wine and grapes
Your picnic basket is about to get a lot of use!

Port Campbell National Park, VIC

If you’re looking for a really beautiful hike to work up your appetite then you absolutely must stop at Port Campbell National Park. It is famous for the Twelve Apostles and other amazing limestone formations. Stroll along the scenic beaches and get ready to get your curiosity on because there is a 19th century shipwreck called the ‘Loch Ard’ to explore. There’s something about this type of exploration that always works up a rather healthy appetite. You might not be able to chow down in the old galley, but just beside it is pretty cool too.

You know, it could be fun to turn this into an extended road trip! Picnic in all these parks and see which is your new favourite spot. We’ve got cars to fit picnic baskets of all sizes – simply contact us today and we’ll set something up.