If you’re holidaying in Sydney, TripAdvisor states that one of your closest ski fields is the Perisher Valley.

Located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, the Perisher Valley is a picturesque ski-resort village that must make it onto every visitor’s itinerary. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Perisher Valley is (supposedly) named after a comment James Spencer, a man who settled there at some point during the 1840s, made during a storm – “What a perisher!”

Unlike Mr Spencer, you can shelter from the cold at the Perisher Ski Resort, which has one of its four bases in the Perisher Valley. The largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere, Perisher Ski Resort is known for its bustling events calendar. This weekend, in fact, the Resort is hosting a Mini Rail Jam.

On Saturday 8 June, from 11:00 to 13:00, people from all over the country will be showing off their stuff on the snowy slopes. With Sydney airport car rentals, you could be one of them!

Prizes will be given to those who perform the best tricks, are awesome team-players, and generally amaze the judges. So, if you think your ski or snowboard skills (or, at least, your sportsmanship) are top-notch, come along and join the fun.

The competition is open to everyone aged 14 and over. Children (those aged between 14 and 17) will compete in a separate heat to Adults (those aged 18 and over). You can register for the Mini Rail Jam here. And it only costs $10!

Regarded as the premiere ski and snowboarding spot in the Snowy Mountains (according to the Sydney Morning Herald’s “Traveller” section), Perisher Valley is a must-see for anyone heading to New South Wales.

Note: Our vehicles are not to be taken above the snow line in New South Wales (Jindabyne) from the beginning of June until the end of September.