Making your way to Surfers Paradise in the near future? Here are six things you need to see while you’re there – book your car hire in Surfers Paradise and get amongst it!

1) Go on a duck tour

You may be disappointed to hear that this isn’t a tour of the local duck communities, but you shouldn’t be, as the reality is much better. Duck tours involve riding around the sunny suburb in a vaguely duck-shaped amphibious vehicle.

Quack’rDuck’s tour, for example, takes you through the streets of Surfers Paradise before embarking onto the water on a one-hour round trip. It’s a brilliant way to see the city from new angles, all without having to change vehicle. You’ll also be treated to expert commentary from the crew, pointing out all the things to see on the journey. It’s a quack-tastic trip you won’t want to miss!

2) Visit Pancakes in paradise

All you can eat pancakes for only nine dollars and 99 cents. Nothing more needs to be said.


3) Go on a whale watching cruise

Fill your eyes up with the incredible sights of humpback whales playing and swimming with a whale watching tour. Whales in Paradise currently maintains a 100 per cent sighting record – if you miss out on your trip, they offer either a refund or a free return cruise, depending on the time of year.

4) Get an incredible view from the SkyPoint Observation Deck

If you’ve ever wanted to see the sights of Surfers Paradise from 230m in the air, you’re in luck – that’s the exact height of the SkyPoint Observation deck. But if you’re thinking the views would be so much better from 270m, you’re also in luck – the SkyPoint climb up the spire will take you to exactly that elevation!

This is something you’ll definitely want to do at night, as the lights of the city below make everything pop that little bit more.

5) Check out INFINITY

Just why you need to visit INFINITY on your trip is a little difficult to explain in words. It’s like a classic funhouse attraction, but with a modern, futuristic twist. The place is full of special effects, incredible sounds and will have you experiencing more trippy illusions than that time you accidentally had a bit too much cough syrup. 

It is truly an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. The journey itself takes around 30 minutes. As something so visceral and experiential, there’s really not much else that can be said – this video should give you a fair taste of what’s in store.

6) See some wildlife at the Currumbin Sanctuary

This is one for all you animal-lovers out there. Aside from being just a cool place to see a bunch of nature’s creatures, Currumbin prides itself on what it calls “experiences” – opportunities to get up close and personal with a variety of animals. The Wombat experience, for example, allows you to pat them while the Koala experience will have you dishing out hugs to the fluffy creatures in no time.

There are also dingo, croc feeding, echidna, possum and bird training experiences to be had too.

Surfers Paradise is not just a surfers paradise – there’s a whole heap of other things to see. If you’re ready to start your trip, get in touch with East Coast Car Rentals today!