The Gold Coast is home to many cultural activities that will ignite your passion for art and culture.

Here are some things you can check out next time you're there – a Gold Coast rental car can get you easily from one place to the next.

Sculpture Walk

The Evandale Parklands are filled with an amazing array of sculptural art. There are 49 pieces all together, from both local and international artists, with a mix of everything from modern and industrial pieces, to abstract and bold sculptures, to realistic human figures.

As you walk through the parklands you will see gigantic mosacied bottles, human statues with the heads of animals, bold shapes, pieces that show both fluidity and structure, some that blend in with the environment, those that stand out and so much more.

Norse is a large metal design that incorporates different shapes in an interesting way and was created by Michael Le Grand in 1988. The Elements originated at Surfers Paradise as part of a live public art display and consists of a group of figures. The fluid and organic pieces are an interesting take on the human form.

Geoffrey Ricardo painted copper and stainless steel to create his piece, Longer Truths. It takes the shape of an elephant and stands out for its bright red-and-white-checkered design. Swell appears to be inspired by the beaches that the Gold Coast is famous for – it's a dynamic structure, made of a looping swirl of metal. Metal is one of the more difficult materials to work with, so the smooth wave displays an impressive ability. 


JamFactory is an institution that has been promoting contemporary art and crafts in Australia since 1973. Its purpose-built studios cater for all kinds of art exploration so people can express themselves through ceramics, glass, furniture and metal designs. It aims to encourage independent art and self expression.

The company has two unique exhibition spaces that showcase work from Australians and people from overseas alike, some who are just beginning and others seasoned artists. They have contributed a range of sculpture, crafts and design pieces.

The education programme offers workshops for budding artists who are looking for a way to get started. Have your introduction to the potter's wheel and head on over to the ceramics studio, or try your hand at jewellery making, glass blowing or metal work.

The length of the courses vary but there are some, like the metal design course, that take place from Saturday to Monday. At the glass studio you will learn glass blowing techniques while creating your own piece in an intensive one-on-one course that lasts half a day during the weekend. All workshops take place in Adelaide.

Beginning last year and continuing to 2016, JamFactory has been putting on special exhibitions to celebrate being in the business for 40 years. Designing Craft/Crafting Design: 40 Years of JamFactory​ showcases work from 40 artists, crarftpeople and designers who have been involved with JamFactory at points during its 40-year history.

JamFactory has also released a book that covers history and development. Over 164 pages, there are photographs of the exhibitions and essays that look at the company's profile and impact, both nationally and internationally.

You can catch the show in South Australia, where JamFactory is based, at the beginning and toward the end of the tour. If you are travelling this year, you are more likely to catch it in New South Wales, Queensland or Australian Capital Territory. The Gold Coast City Gallery will feature the exhibition from May 31 – July 13, 2014.