The great Australian road trip is set witness a surge in popularity in 2015, with many Aussies choosing to holiday in their own country rather than head abroad. Relatively cheap fuel prices, combined with the weakening Australian dollar, are the key reasons behind the rise of the 'staycation' and Queensland is set to be the No. 1 choice for those looking to set out for a summer on the road.

Professor Brent Ritchie, of the University of Queensland's Business School, said that domestic tourism is only set to rise in the state over the coming months. 

"Tourism is still mainly a drive market, generally speaking drive tourism is important for domestic tourism in Queensland," he said.

So why not give the self-drive holiday market in Queensland a little helping hand and hire a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals? There is a veritable raft of things to see and do, from the vibrant metropolis of Brisbane, the Burleigh Heads National Park and enough jaw-dropping scenery to shake a stick at. Holidays are all about the beach though, especially in Australia – here are two of Queensland's finest. 

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise does exactly what it says on the tin. The swinging cityscape is replete with achingly cool bars, pop-up restaurants and cutting-edge clothes shops. Away from the urban safari, head down to the shimmering golden sands, lay out your beach towel and prepare to experience one of the greatest beach experiences on Earth. You don't even have to be a surfer to pick up on the vibe here – top up your tan, kick a footy around or hang back with an ice cream. 

It's the waves, though, that are the main attraction and they range in size from gentle rollers perfect for the beginner, to veritable 6 metre monsters for seasoned veterans in the sheltered cove. 


If you fancy something a little more secluded then the buzz of Surfers, but still want to catch some decent waves, then Noosa is the perfect choice. With exceptional beaches known for their clear blue waters and unspoiled shoreline, Noosa is home to some of the best surfing in Australia. 

Strictly speaking, Noosa is made up of a collection of smaller beaches. The Main Beach is the largest, and its slow, lazy waves will suit the learner down to a tee. The Sunshine Beach's waves grow a little larger, sometimes hitting 3 metres in height, making this spot an great choice for the intermediate. Only the brave need apply to surf at the 'Boiling Pot' – waves here are fast, ferocious and can reach a towering 8 metres.