Choosing our Pay Now option gives you an immediate saving all day, every day, but we understand Australians are living in a brave new travel world where border and regional closures can occur almost overnight, sending your best made holiday plans into disarray. That’s why we’ve decided to continue offering Pre-pay & Save, but with an important Coronavirus caveat that gives you complete peace of mind when booking a rental car with us. Here’s everything you need to know about our COVID-19 promise:

Hold on a second, what is Pre-pay & Save?

You can save up to 10% off the daily retail rate of your rental vehicle when you select the Pay Now option when booking online. The rental car industry has traditionally run on a pay on arrival business model where you book a car and pay for your entire rental when picking up the vehicle. We understand a lot of our customers make firm travel or holiday plans in advance and you deserve to be rewarded for choosing us time and time again, so we came up with our Pre-pay and Save offer. We’re only one of a handful of car rental companies with this offer and are proud to say we’re leading the charge.

What was your Pay Now cancellation policy prior to COVID-19?

Previously when booking a rental car with us using the Pay Now option we offered a full refund on the purchase price when the booking was cancelled 7 or more days prior to the collection date. This meant our customers could take advantage of the pre-pay saving while still giving them enough time to cancel and receive a refund in the event their plans changed. With the current travel climate and likelihood for plans to be upended in a matter of 24 hours, we decided we could do better for our customers and came up with our COVID-19 Promise.

What is your COVID-19 Promise?

Good question. Whenever you book with us and select the Pay Now option to get a guaranteed saving we will refund you the entire purchase amount in the event you need to cancel your upcoming booking due to a COVID-19 border or regional closure. If you already have a vehicle on rent and have suddenly been affected by a border or regional closure, we will work with you to accommodate your needs and refund you the amount for the rental days purchased, but missed out on. We understand there may be special circumstances that we haven’t prepared for and if this turns out to be the case, we promise to work with you on a one-on-one basis to come up with a reasonable solution that doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

Wow, that makes booking a holiday so much easier! How do I book a car or cancel an existing booking due to COVID-19?

You can phone our friendly reservations team on 1800 028 881 to discuss your options and come up with a rental plan, or, you can make an online booking here.