New Zealand is undoubtedly a dream destination for travel lovers all over the world. Even most New Zealander’s love exploring new regions of their country. It might be small, but there is just tons to discover around every turn! Knowing this, it can be hard for a tourist (let alone a local) to narrow down the activities they want to do upon arrival. Where do you even start?

Naturally, you want to take in all the amazing sights and experiences that this country has to offer, which is why we think you need to take a road trip to a place that has all the quintessential New Zealand things to do. Don’t know where that is? That’s okay, because we do!

Pick up your rental car and come with us, we’ll take you on an adventure around beautiful Rotorua.

This is an absolute can’t-miss activity.


First thing’s first – it’s one of the kookiest activities you can do in New Zealand, so you have to make Zorbing a top priority. Never heard of Zorbing? We’ll the best way to describe it is going to sound a little funny, but it’s basically a life-size hamster ball. You have the choice between a wet ball and a dry ride, but either way you’re going to have loads of fun. Once you climb into the giant ball, you’ll be rolled down a lush, green hill – though it’s hard to take in the scenery when you’re laughing throughout the whole journey! This is an absolute can’t-miss activity.

Hot springs

Rotorua is a literal hotbed of geothermal activity, so you know what that means: hot springs. And who could say no to a nice, hot natural bath? No one! There are quite a few places where you can go to experience this treat – choose from the area’s luxury spas, or make your own agenda with some of the free areas. We’re partial to the free ones, and there are plenty of them so you can pool hop. If you’re interested in a geothermal waterfall, begin with Kerosene Creek or Lady Knox Geyser. But if it’s a nice, still pool you’re after then it’s Kuirau Park or Wai-OTapu (The Secret Spot) for you!

You can't say no to some hot springs!
You can’t say no to some hot springs!

Botanical gardens

There’s no wrong way to enjoy the the exotic flora and fauna of this country – but visiting Rotorua’s Government Gardens certainly isn’t a bad idea! These public gardens have been around since 1881 and they house some of New Zealand’s most beautiful, and unique flower species. You can truly spend hours strolling through the gardens, rolling green lawns, and recreational areas. Get lost in the sweet smell of the Klamath Falls Rose Gardens, enjoy a picnic in the gazebo next to the water and then pop by the historic Bath House. It’s an experience for the books that’s for sure!

Lake Tikitapu 

Of course, you have to do some water activities while you’re there! Lake Tikitapu offers beautiful scenery while you can enjoy a kayaking or paddle boarding adventure. You can also take up some more extreme sports like water skiing if you’re keen.The lake is small with several trails that you can follow around it as well. It’s a nice way to end your trip here!

We have no doubts that you’re going to want to put Rotorua on your list of place to go when you visit New Zealand, so now you just have to figure out your transportation. Well, we’ve got that figured out for you too! Just pick up a car from us here at East Coast Car Rentals and be on your way! Our staff make it a quick and easy process so you’ll be enjoying Kiwi life in no time.