There’s nothing more epic than an Australian east coast road trip. Whether you work your way up from Sydney or down from Cairns, there’s so much to do and see on Australia’s beautiful east coast.

When you’re travelling, you want to seize every opportunity – snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, sailing the Whitsundays, climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge, and of course, never passing on a night out or a pub dinner. Unfortunately, all of these excursions and experiences can add up pretty quickly.

How do you save money without passing up on fun? Here are some of our budget tips get you around the coast without breaking the bank.

Book packages

A great way to save money on otherwise expensive excursions is to book them as a package. You can often get flash deals and sales through ticket providers and agents that are much cheaper than booking on your own.

When you’re travelling, you want to take every opportunity!

Many times, these packages will also sort out your accommodation, equipment rentals, or even some of your meals, and can include multiple activities that would be difficult and expensive to orchestrate on your own.

Camp out

Load some gear in your vehicle and take advantage of some of the great camping on Australia’s east coast. The offerings are diverse – you can get back to nature in one of Australia’s national parks, take advantage of roadside campgrounds along your route, or enjoy some of the sites centrally located in many tourist towns.

Not only will you have a different experience, but you’ll save some money as well. There are many free camping options in Australia, so do your research before you go. Don’t worry about roughing it too much – many campgrounds offer full amenities, including kitchens, common areas and shower facilities.

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Cook your own meals

If you’re camping or staying in places with communal cooking facilities, preparing your own meals is a great way to save. Groceries will almost always be cheaper than a meal out, especially if you’re travelling with a group.

What’s more Aussie than shrimp on the barbie? Many Australian towns and cities have communal barbecues in parks and nature areas. Hit up the local Coles or Woolworth’s and make dinner in the park with your mates.

Preparing your own meals is also a great excuse to check out local markets. Many towns and cities will host year-round markets that range from local meats, food and produce, to noodles and cuisine from different countries around the world. If you’re in Melbourne, you absolutely can’t miss the iconic Queen Victoria Market.

Find free entertainment

While certain things will cost you, there’s so much fun to be had for free on Australia’s east coast. Australia is known for its beaches, and most of them cost nothing to visit, so grab your sunnies and bathers and hit the sand for a day well spent.

Many beach towns will also have coastal walks, which are a great way to stretch your legs and take in some amazing views. When you’re in Sydney, don’t miss the Bondi to Coogee Walk or the Noosa Heads Coastal Track up the coast. Most well-visited beach areas will have some public track installed, so look out for signs when you visit.

Not beach weather? Check out some art galleries, libraries, and museums. The State Libraries in the capital cities are all worth a visit. Barring featured exhibits, most art galleries are also free to browse.


If you’re looking to see Australia on a budget, driving is the way to go. Flights are expensive, and while buses and trains are well priced, they follow rigid timetables and don’t let you see anything that’s a bit off the beaten path.

Keen to start your road trip? Check out our range of competitively priced vehicles today and get in touch with our team about organising your east coast adventure today!