Your great Australian road trip is well underway by now. You’ve brought along your favourite people, have a decent idea as to where you are going to drive and what magnificent sights you’ll see along the way. The financial side of things is no longer a worry, as you have put together a great budget so that there is no way that you can overspend.

The boot is full of all manner of important supplies, from a first aid kit to fresh, healthy food to keep you alert as you traverse Australia’s sweeping highways. A compromise has been reached and the stereo is playing a medley of tunes chosen by you and your passengers, and you also used your head and studied the Australian road laws before setting out. So what else could possibly be left to do to ensure that you have the perfect Australian road trip?

Plenty, actually.

Sleep safety

Sometimes, the thrill of the road trip is getting away from civilisation and seeing the real, unadulterated side of nature, and that never comes more alive than in the sprawling Australian countryside. This can mean pitching a tent up in a National Park, or even sleeping in your hire car if you so wish. Of course, if you do choose to snooze in the car when tiredness sets in, there are certain basic safety steps that you should take before pulling in and getting a bit of shut eye.

You should always look for a well-lit area before getting a rest, such as a public car park (as long as you abide by the restrictions) or under a street light in a lay-by. Pulling over deep into a dark forest is not advisable, not only because of werewolves and vampires, but also because it will be more difficult to locate your car should an emergency arise.

However, you should definitely find a place that it well out of the way of moving traffic for obvious safety reasons, and also pedestrian areas. You don’t want to cause an unnecessary obstruction, nor do you want your privacy compromised – embarrassing photographs can travel a long way these days thanks to the power of modern technology.

Car parks are generally a pretty safe bet when looking to find somewhere to enter the Land of Nod, especially if they are well lit and populated by other cars. It’s important to remember, however, that car thieves are opportunistic at heart, so lock the doors and leave nothing valuable on display. The fact that several people are in a car will usually be enough to deter any would-be robbers.

Campsites and caravan parks are also excellent choices to pull into for a nap. It may cost you a few dollars, but you’ll be safe in a secure environment. No one will bat an eyelid if you don’t get out of your car to pitch a tent, especially if you arrive in the dead of night. What’s more, you can even partake in the establishment’s facilities – a shower may seem a godsend! You can drive away in the morning, fully refreshed and ready to hit the road once again!

Drive time

Even if you have a comprehensive map of the large city looming up ahead, you can never account for how congested or complicated those roads may be, especially if you’re are unfamiliar with them. First time drivers to such destinations as Sydney or Melbourne can easily be overawed by those two cities’ weaving streets, so it’s a good idea to drive outside of established rush hour times when traffic is both at its heaviest and angriest.

The empty highways of rural Australia can seem a distant dream as you attempt to pick your way through the heaving streets of a major city, so try to avoid the centres and aim for bypasses or through roads where you can avoid complex junctions and confusing roundabouts.

Above all, enjoy the ride

This is the reason you decided to road trip in the first place, for fun! With all the planning and thought that you’ve put into it, you’ll be set for the journey of a lifetime. You’ll create great memories along the way, discover things that have never interested you in the past, will form new, stronger bonds with your travelling companions and maybe meet some some fascinating new people along the way.

Some of the most memorable moments of a road trip occur in areas of the country that you’ve never visited before. The unknown can offer an endless supply of intriguing places to visit, with surprises and interesting attractions at every turn. This is why the writing of a strict itinerary isn’t as important as you may think, as the best road trips thrive on spontaneity and the spirit of adventure.

Drive safely, eat and sleep well, take countless photographs, laugh, cry and laugh again. Your great Australian road trip is well on the way to being just perfect.