Sydney is known for its rich and diverse culture and this will be showed off at the Living in Harmony festival in March.

So, make sure you grab a Sydney Domestic Airport car rental and head down to this fun event, which will provide a great way to learn about the ‘Harbour City’ and its cultural heritage.

There is a whole range of events planned, from concerts to poetry slams to Aboriginal heritage tours, so something is bound to be up your alley.

World poetry day: Multilingual poetry slam

No matter what language you speak, you can get involved in this extravaganza by performing poetry on the main stage of Customs House on Alfred Street – an easy location to find in your car rental in Sydney.

This event will take place on March 21, which also happens to be World Harmony Day, and the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

You may also be interested to hear that the New South Wales council is holding a multicultural month in March with the aim of promoting and strengthening multiculturalism.

This makes it the best time to travel to this city as you can see the best it has to offer from a range of cultures.

Aboriginal heritage tours

If you want to go on a journey of discovery to learn about the rich Aboriginal heritage of the area, including the significance of plants, artefacts and culture, this could be the event for you.

You can travel around the city of Sydney with your very own Aboriginal guide and may be able to learn about the different clans in the area, as well as information about the surrounding areas.

The tour leaves from the Royal Botanic Gardens and takes you to an important ceremonial site for many clans – Wogganmagule or ”farm cove’. This was home to the Cadigal clan, and back in the day offered the locals a diverse array of bush foods as well as plenty of fresh water and seafood from the harbour.

It’s no wonder this area was popular with the local Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Introduction to facilitative leadership

While you’re probably using a trip away as an excuse to get away from work, you could take a day out to learn skills that will help you become a better leader while you’re in town.

This one day workshop on March 6 will allow you to have one-on-one interactions with staff as well as the opportunity to design, plan and evaluate projects, from the comfort of Redfern Town Hall.

Afghanistan: Hidden treasures from the national museum in Kabul

This exhibition will only be around for a limited time, from March 7 to June 15, and is well worth a look.

It features a remarkable amount of artefacts from the heart of Afghanistan, which was once at the centre of the Silk road.

This is the path once tread by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Marco Polo. It linked the countries of Iran, India, China and central Asia to Greece and Rome.

This exhibition will be the first time these treasures have been on soil Down Under and you will be able to view more than 230 priceless items, some of which are over thousands of years old.

You can then learn about the history of Afghanistan and discover its rich culture.

These items, including gold and bronze artefacts, stone sculptures, painted glassware and ivories were rediscovered in 2003 after it was widely believed they’d been destroyed or lost as a result of war and instability that has shaken the nation.

However, they were found locked in vaults by the central bank of the presidential palace. It is believed staff from the National Museum hid them there for safekeeping, stories that you can hear when you visit this exhibition.