There's something magical about winding your way up a charming lighthouse, stepping onto the balcony and seeing a blue-meets-blue horizon as sea turns to sky.

Australia has some truly delightful lighthouses, whether you want to feel like you're in a mermaid fairytale or part of a sailor's swashbuckling story. 

Macquarie Lighthouse

This beauty is the nation's very first lighthouse, built all the way back in 1818. This beacon of history sits tall at 26 metres and can light up the seas as far as 46 kilometres. 

A convict named Francis Greenway was the architect, and Governor Macquarie was so impressed with the quality of the lighthouse that he granted him freedom. White sculptures and busts of Queen Victoria decorate the sandstone architecture of the pretty lighthouse, and the New South Wales state emblem sits proudly above the entrance. 

This building is located at the South Head entrance to the Sydney Harbour, just a short drive from the city centre. Best of all, the Macquarie Lightstation still operates even today, but tour bookings are essential, so make sure to register your interest in advance and explore this historic gem. 

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Located in Mornington Peninsula, a region renowned for colourful markets and pristine beaches just an hour out of Melbourne, this lighthouse is a landmark of the shoreline. Best of all, in the winter months, humpback whales migrate through the nearby waters on their migratory trip north of Antarctica, and can be seen from the balcony due it its high vantage point. Be sure to take binoculars and a camera up with you!

Once you've had your share of whale watching, head downstairs and check out the museum. Exhibitions show the exciting stories of shipwrecks nearby, and pass down the histories of the earliest keepers of the light. You can embark on guided tours to the lamp room, perusing the technology that works just as well today as it did decades ago for helping seamen find their way home safely.

Picnic tables and barbecue equipment are also around nearby, so pack a basket and bask in the glory of these enchanting lighthouses!