Travel is a great time to reinvigorate your fitness regime. Not only is it possible to remain fit and healthy while on the road, but it can remind you of the benefits involved with exercise. You don’t have to take time out of exploring and experiencing new things either!

What are some of the ways you can integrate health and fitness into your travel?

Work your glutes

Take the stairs whenever possible. 

You may have heard this a thousand times before, but it’s one of the simplest ways of getting your heart pumping out there while travelling. If you can, forget the elevators and escalators and jog up the stairs instead. If you’re wearing a backpack this extra weight can get you more out of the exercise. 


Carry water with you everywhere you go

Keeping yourself hydrated is a big part of staying fit and healthy. Chuck a couple of bottles in your hire car (preferably out of the sun to keep them cool), and make it a habit to drink often. The additional bonus here is that being hydrated means you’re less likely to mistake thirst as hunger, preventing you from giving in to snacking when you don’t need to. 

Hike for the views 

Some of the best views and experiences you can encounter require you put some work in. Australia has some incredible trails to explore, including three hikes near Adelaide that take less than an hour’s drive to get to! 

Not only do these walks get the heart pumping, but you also get to enjoy the Australian outdoors. Plus, keep an eye out for Australian wildlife. While burning calories you might just get to spot kangaroos, koalas or kookaburras. 

The supermarket is your friend

This is one of the many times you’ll be grateful for hiring a car from Melbourne airport. It’s far easier to nip down to the supermarket when you’ve got a vehicle to take you!

While trying local cuisine is a big part of travel, eating out for every meal is expensive, and it’s not always healthy either. 

Making use of a supermarket can help you solve this problem. Pick out items that you can use to snack on while exploring, such as granola bars, and create easy lunches by buying bread for peanut butter sandwiches, or healthier alternatives such as a salad and chicken filling. 

By grocery shopping for two out of three meals of the day, you can indulge without regrets on local dishes for the third one.

Make use of the beaches

Australia is renowned for its beaches, especially along the Gold Coast. When hiring a car from Brisbane, make sure you stop and enjoy the views. 

However, these beautiful beaches offer more than just great Instagram moments. Take your shoes off and go for a long walk along the ocean’s edge, or take a ball along with you to burn some energy playing soccer on the sand. 

Get out into the ocean itself, to go swimming. If you’re feeling more adventurous use this chance to give surfing, paddleboarding, snorkelling, or even scuba diving a try

All of these activities allow you to get more out of your Australian adventure while slipping exercise in under the disguise of fun. 

Don’t let your health and wellbeing take a back seat in your Gold Coast hire car. Instead, pack some exercise gear into the boot, water bottles into the cup holders, and hit the road to go exploring! By the end of your Australian road trip you’ll wonder why you ever thought you’d find it hard to work exercise into your journey.