One of the most memorable family activities is the long, winding road trip – singing along off-key to songs blasting from the stereo, laughing so hard the seat-belts tighten around our tummies, getting a chance to really catch up and have some heart-to-heart chats on the road.

You can kiss the days of hearing “are we there yet…?” goodbye with these fun and exciting road trip games.

But, as parents are well aware, things aren’t always hunky-dory with younger ones in the back seat. Renting a vehicle and embarking on an epic family holiday sure has its perks, that is unless we start to hear that dreaded question.

Oh, we all know exactly the question we are referring to. Well, you can kiss the days of hearing “are we there yet…?” goodbye with these fun and exciting road trip games.

Both games can be played while safely buckled in. They have been designed to rev up the fun engine for both the young and the young at heart, so whether you are travelling with your younger children or moody teenagers, these games are sure to put a smile on their dial regardless of age. The older ones will particularly like the first game if they have their own smartphones, as the Instagram and hashtag possibilities are endless!

Photographic Treasure Hunt 

In the modern age of selfies, no road trip is complete without snapping some family photographs. So why not add to the precious family photo albums, whether they are digital on social media or precious physical books, with a fun road trip photo treasure hunt? All of these can be ‘hunted’ with the click of a camera pointed out the car window.

  1. Photograph road signs with the picture of a kangaroo on them. [1 point per picture]
  2. Click pictures of three road signs that start with the letter H. [3 points]
  3. Pictures of birds flying in the sky [1 point per bird]
  4. Each passenger must take photos of road signs that begin with the same letter as their name. [1 point per picture]
  5. Shoot a picture of every red car you see. [1 point per red car]

Clearly, the person with the most points wins and families can add to the list with their own quirky hunting rules!

Road Sign Shimmy 

Burn some calories and stay healthy even whilst seated in your car with these safe, fun and simple dance moves. Bust them out when you see these road signs:

  1. Stop: Thrust out your palm in the universal sign for stop, then flip it back and forth with sass a-la-Beyoncé in Single Ladies.
  2. Roundabout: Do the roly-poly move from the Hokey Pokey dance, moving your fists around and around.
  3. Give Way: Do the sprinkler!
  4. Pedestrian crossing: Just the arm movements from the Macarena. The people crossing the road will surely think you are a spunky family!
  5. Speed zone change: Do the Gangnam Style arm movements and nod your head to the rhythm.

We hope you have a fantastic and fabulous family trip!

family in a red convertible car
Making family road trips exciting for the kids is easy with these games.