Renowned for its pristine, golden-white sandy beaches with the calming sounds of waves lapping against the shore and a myriad of surfers gliding the swells, Surfers Paradise is an excellent travel destination.

However, when you desire a wee break from the sun and tanning, the region is also resplendent with shopping malls and boutique stores, making it as much of a shopper’s paradise as a surfer’s. You can embark on an epic shopping trip by renting a vehicle in Surfers Paradise and making your way through these marvellous malls and boardwalk stores.

Paradise Centre

As the largest mall in the area, this is certainly an ideal place to start. Situated on the corner of Surfers Paradise Boulevard, this retail zone runs along an impressive 100 metre boardwalk facing the beautiful shores of the beach across the road. There are more than 100 shops in the centre, as well as delicious alfresco dining options so you never have to kiss the sun goodbye while you enjoy some seafood for lunch or ice cream for dessert.

The region is resplendent with shopping malls and boutique stores, making it as much of a shopper’s paradise as a surfer’s.

As an area famous for its surf culture, the shops offer a wonderful array of beach, swim and resort wear. From wedge heeled sandals to sporty sneakers to accompany skateboards, there is a wide range of products to delight shoppers.

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

For those opting for a more crafty, hand-made feel, these markets are the place to go. The best part is that they run in the evenings on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights. The warm, balmy air, the moon reflecting in the water, and the glowing lights from these evening markets are sure to offer a romantic ambiance for a post-dinner stroll.

With over a 100 stalls showcasing a spectrum of shopping possibilities, the markets sell everything from jewellery, accessories, home wares, artworks, and beauty products. Although some of the goods for sale are hand-made, they boast a high level of workmanship and luxurious quality. An example includes bespoke jewellery using antique spoons melted down into ornate and one-of-a-kind rings and bracelets, complete with intricate silverware etched details.

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre 

This beauty has been recently renovated and reinvented. Any fashionista would love to drive on over to the Chevron Renaissance due to the exciting new fashion boutiques it houses. The newly opened ‘Chevron Lane’ pays homage to Melbourne shopping streets, complete with street art and festoon lighting. In true Melbourne style, there are also cafes dotted throughout the Chevron Lane so you can fuel up with a cappuccino and rest your feet because shopping is cardio!

four shopping bags on a bench

Surfers Paradise offers a multitude of places to shop, once you decide you get your toes out the sand!