Happy New Year folks! We’ve finally said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 with open arms. Whether you’ve got a few more days of holiday left or have just gotten back to work, chances are you’ll be feeling invigorated and energised, ready to tackle the year’s challenges. After recovering from the New Year festivities, you may even have set some goals for the 12 months ahead.

2015’s top New Year’s resolution was to stay fit and healthy.

The New Year’s resolution is a classic tradition – there’s just something so motivational about a clean slate and a fresh new year. From travelling more to being better with money, January’s arrival encourages people to work on bettering themselves. Last year, for example, 2015’s top New Year’s resolution was to stay fit and healthy, according to Nielson Research. 

If getting in shape is your goal for 2016, why not have fun while doing it? Take advantage of our gorgeous Australian weather, travel to these four cities and take part in these activities for some fun workouts! 

1) Kayaking, Sydney

Kayaking provides an excellent workout for your upper body, particularly your arms and core. According to the American Council on Exercise, a person weighing 90 kilogrammes burns 454 calories per hour of kayaking, making it a brilliant cardio activity as well. 

Sydney is the perfect place for a kayaking excursion, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. A kayak through Sydney Harbour will give you a thorough workout as well as allow you to experience the city in a whole new way. The watersport is also incredibly easy to pick up so anyone can do it!

2) Mountain biking, Canberra

Anyone who’s ever taken a spin class will know that cycling provides a great aerobic workout. Mountain biking utilises the same principle, except instead of sweating away in a stuffy gym you’re exploring an intrepid trail, surrounded by Canberra’s natural beauty. 

Sparrow Hill is an excellent place for those looking to go on a mountain biking adventure. Perfect for riders of all experience levels, Sparrow Hill is 11 kilometres from Queanbeyan on Kings Highway. Hire a car in Canberra and make your way over for a thrilling ride. 

3) Nature photography, Cairns

If you’ve never found yourself drawn to adventure sports, nature photography might be better suited for you. While nature photography might seem like a strange fitness suggestion, it’s the perfect way for creative types to succeed in their New Year’s resolutions. 

Taking photos in unique natural locations around Cairns is an inspirational way to lose weight, as some of the most beautiful spots require photographers to get out and about. Hike through the ancient Daintree Rainforest and go swimming or snorkelling for some stunning underwater shots and a workout to boot.

The Great Barrier Reef, for example, offers several marine photo opportunities. Hire a car from Cairns, pack up your camera and capture as much of the reef as you can. You’ll have a new hobby and get fitter without even realising it! 

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4) Surfing, Gold Coast

Surfing is, of course, an extremely effective way to get fit. Cardiovascular fitness, upper body and core strength are all developed through this sport, and frolicking about the glistening Australian surf makes it infinitely more enjoyable.

The Gold Coast is hands down one of the best places for a surfing holiday. The aptly named Surfer’s Paradise Beach is ideal, as it offers several schools for beginners and excellent waves for pros.