Brisbane has it all – culture, nature, history and lively modern life. On your visit to this amazing city, be sure to see it all. Looking for a place to start? Read on!


The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts is home to a whole range of amazingly talented and creative individuals who put on stunning performances frequently, so no matter when you arrive, there will be something on that is sure to wow you.

Some of the internationally-renowned performance companies are Flying Arts Alliance Inc. which is focused on the appreciation, practice and development of artists in the area. Workshops, places to stay, exhibitions, projects, events and access to information and resources are all at the fingertips of people in the community who are drawn to creating and appreciating art.

Expressions Dance Company has also set up shop in the Judith Wright Centre. With 30 years of experience, 150 dancers and 75 different choreographers this company has created some amazing dance moments. The company has also completed 21 international tours, visiting 17 countries and has done 23 major tours in Queensland.

This November there are many events taking place that you should definitely check out. Kupka's Piano: Il Faut Etre will take place on Friday November 28 at 7:30pm and is an enchanting display of musical talent and expertise. Sediment is put on by internationally acclaimed circus ensemble Company 2. Book your tickets for November 2-8 at 7:30pm and enjoy this riveting and innovative show.


There is a huge abundance of parks and forests in and around Brisbane, just waiting to be discovered. Burleigh Head National Park is great if you want to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, as it has ample picnic tables as well as trails for walking and mountain biking. At this attraction there are also guided tours and talks available – these are a great way to learn more about the native plants and animals as well as the history of the place.

The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk is absolutely gorgeous and a definite must when looking for those after a natural attraction. It has everything you could want from a hike : a Gondwana Rainforest (which is a World Heritage Area), the Lamington National park, Springbrook National Park and the Numinbah Valley. There is something truly magical about walking on an ancient volcano, through age-old forests and past a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall.


Littered throughout the city there are a number of amazing historical sights and landmarks. There are more than 2,000 places listen on the Brisbane Heritage Register Database, including parks, buildings, areas, bridges and even fire hydrants.

The Boondall Wetlands is an amazing place to learn more about and understand Aboriginal culture. The Nurri Millen Totem Trail here is where you can see the actual places where aluminium totems were cast. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about how the clans utilised the wonderful natural resources of the wetlands as well as some of the vast range of flora and fauna here.

ANZAC square is a significant attraction in the city. The heritage listed site is a memorial for the men and women who died in World War I. The Shrine of Remembrance is the central point, and there is a crypt, war-related statues and a number of steps up to the shrine. There are 19 steps in the first are and 18 in the second. There are also 18 columns surrounding the shrine to represent the year 1918, which was when the first world war came to a close with 

Other sites worth checking out is the town hall, St Helena National Park, Botanic Gardens, Old Government House and Boggo Road Gaol. A car hire is a handy way to get to each one of these attractions.