As the sixth-largest country on the globe, it is only fitting that Australia is also home to some of the largest and longest road networks worldwide.

Highway 1 takes the top prize, being the world’s longest national highway at a mind-boggling 14,500 kilometres long. Its network of highways wraps around the entire country, with a 2,964-kilometre stretch threading its way through Queensland.

Bruce Highway, Diamantina Development Road, Mitchell Highway, Burke Development Road and Landsborough Highway are, according to the Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia, the five longest roads in Queensland.

In first place, Bruce Highway is 1670 kilometres long. The road starts in the beautiful city of Brisbane and ends in the ever-popular Cairns. It’s the fourth-longest road in the country and definitely worth a drive! There are plenty of places to stop in and take a look at if you need a break. The highway goes straight past the gorgeous Glass House Mountains, as well as many prominent towns, such as Rockhampton. So sort out your Brisbane car rentals, or Cairns car hire if you’re heading in the opposite direction, and set off on a road trip of epic proportions!

Officially opened in 1928, the Mitchell Highway covers an astounding 1100 kilometres and is the ninth-longest road in Australia. Stop by Badlands Brewery in the picturesque town of Orange during your trip and try their unique brews (but not too many)!

The Landsborough Highway, coming in fifth place at 1020 kilometres, should also make your list of eligible roads. It plays an important role in connecting Darwin and Brisbane, and passes through such noteworthy towns as Karumba.

So why not rent a car and take a lengthy, air-conditioned ride down one or all of these roads?

For the full list of Queensland’s longest roads, check out and get driving!