We live in a big, beautiful world and an age where we get to capture and document all the glory on social media with a witty caption. While a 3×5 is great to look at on your favourite social media platform, there’s nothing quite like experiencing stunning sights in the flesh. That being said, you can also get up and seek out that perfect, Instagram-worthy picture on your adventures as well!

Everyone has their own idea of what the ultimate view looks like, some like an aerial view of a bustling city, while others prefer an uninterrupted panorama of a cliff overlooking a swirling sea. Fortunately, Australia has all of this – and more.

If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime filled with breathtaking views, unforgettable memories with your best mates and of course, lots of Instagram material then look no further. Check out these must-see stops that make up an amazing week-long road trip across Australia’s East Coast. We’ll even share a couple of caption suggestions for those times when the view renders you totally speechless.

Port Douglas, Queensland

The start of this trip has you enjoying a coastline mixed with mountains and beaches. Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas has mesmerising views from the lookout points that show off the crescent shaped coast that is often detailed with clusters of white mast sailboats. Visitors note that it’s a relatively steep hill, so be sure to drive up it so you don’t exhaust yourself for the rest of the trip. The view and subsequent pictures you’ll get out of this stop will make for the perfect start to your trip.

Instagram caption: I can see four miles in Port Douglas!

Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales

Next up, this stop is one for those who are awestruck by the twinkling of city lights. Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks that make up the city’s gorgeous skyline, but it also boasts one of the more unique viewing experiences you’ll likely encounter. Get a birds-eye-view of the city by hiking to the tippy top with BridgeClimb. That’s right, you can both drive and hike over this bridge. Once at the top, take in the sparkling harbour, skyline and of course, the Sydney Opera House. You can’t bring your own camera up, but a photographer is on the trip as well, so rest assured your trip will be well documented.

Instagram caption: Not pictured: My acrophobia.

sydney harbour bridge at sunset
Climb it for the Instagram!

Stanwell Tops, New South Wales

This road trip next takes you south of Sydney to the stunning Stanwell Parks. The peak of the Tops rises to about 275 metres above sea level. It is known as one of the most popular lookouts on this coast. And how could it not be, including golden beaches, bright blue waves, earthy green hills and a quaint little town to wrap it all up. Partake in a cliffside picnic, ride the surf below or dare to hang glide above it all – there are tons of opportunities for a great photo op, especially if you can wake up early enough catch the sunrise.

Instagram caption: Top of the morning to you from Stanwell Tops!

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria 

The Twelve Apostles are a natural wonder, as these 12 formations jut from the sea just east of Port Campbell. The golden rocks make for an eerily perfect selfie photo, though you’ll find there are plenty more wonders to behold in the 75,000 hectares of the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park – including 17 kilometres of unique coast. Best about this spot is that some of the spectacular views are actually below the waves. Snorkel your way through sub-tidal canyons, arches and vibrant sponge gardens. Don’t forget a waterproof casing if you plan to take pictures here!

Instagram caption: I am the 13th Apostle.

a view of the 12 apostles on a cloudy day
Just some of the 12 Apostles.

Mount Wellington, Hobart 

Finally, we’ve come to the end of the road trip. The final stop? Mount Wellington. You’ll have to leave your car behind to explore this one – though you can pick up another ride at Hobart’s airport.  Mt Wellington towers around 1,270 metres above Hobart, Australia – and even peaks above cloud level. That being said, be sure to plan this viewing experience for a nice day. The way up is an adventure all of its own as you’ll pass through a rainforest and glacial rock formations.

While you can certainly choose to hike, your road trip might be better enjoyed if you drive to the top of the summit. There, on a cloudless day, look out over Hobart, and even all the way out to Bruny Island. This will certainly be one of your most liked endeavours, and pictures on Instagram.

Instagram caption: I can see my house from here!

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