Dinosaurs are set to rule the Earth once again, as a huge number of the giant, supposedly extinct lizards have taken over Taronga Zoo! The fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, spiky Styracosaurus and enormous Brachiosaurus have found their way into the zoo's grounds and you'll be able to see them all by following the Dinosaur Trail laid out by the brave zookeepers. By hiring a vehicle with East Coast Car Rentals, you'll be able to take in the entirety of Taronga Zoo's dinosaur exhibition, running until February 2015 – just ensure that the car doesn't go the way of that one in Jurassic Park, as we're not sure our insurance policy covers dino damage.

'Welcome to Taronga Zoo'

At the heart of Taronga Zoo's exhibition is the Dinosaur Trail. When you arrive, pick up a trail map, as it will reveal the location of each and every dinosaur found on the winding path, so you can easily find your favourite beast. Not only that, but if you bring your brood along, the map will also include some fun dino-related games and challenges for them to try. For an added surprise factor, why not secret the map in your pocket, so that you and your family never know what sharp-toothed monster may lurk around the next bend?

All about dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Lawns are at the heart of Taronga Zoo's prehistoric extravaganza. Each day, at 11am and 2pm, the Dinosaur Keepers will deliver informative talks about the Cretaceous critters dotted about the place. You'll discover just how dinosaurs behaved, what they ate, how they lived and just how different our planet was when they roamed the Earth. The Dinosaur Keepers also aim to deliver an important message – teaching us to help ensure that our current range of wonderful, but endangered wildlife doesn't go the same way as the ancient lizards. Also on the Lawn is a Fossil Pit Dig, so young ones can utilise their palaeontology skills to unearth all manner of old bones.

Do not feed the T-Rex – but feed yourself!

The dinosaurs on show at Taronga Zoo thankfully don't get hungry, but you and your family may! The Dino Cafe is sure to satisfy the stomachs of all your little monsters, with such choices as the Brachiosaurus Beef Burger and Styracosaurus sausage roll – though the chefs can't promise that the food served to you will be made from real dinosaur, they have replaced them with more suitable alternatives.


If you'd like a memento from your day discovering the dinosaurs at Taronga Zoo, head over to the Dino Shop, where you'll find a broad variety of Triassic trinkets, lifelike lizard and prehistoric prizes. It's doing a roaring trade.