Gold Coast theme parks that should feature on your Australia road trip

July 31, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Fun Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Tips

  Whatever your preferred kind of theme park, there’s sure to be one to suit you in the Gold Coast. With two of our car hire sites nearby, it’s super easy to get around and visit your favourites. Even better, all of the parks we’ve listed below are on the Pacific Motorway with the exception […] full post

Scuba hot-spots not to miss on your East Coast road trip

July 20, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Fun Gold Coast Melbourne Tips

When road-tripping on the great Australian east coast, it's hard not to think that the Great Barrier Reef is the only scuba dive location. While we all know that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's top natural wonders (and did you know it is visible in space?), there are loads of other awesome scuba […] full post

Why winter on the Gold Coast is just as fun as summer

June 21, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Gold Coast

  With its sun-soaked beaches and rooftop bars, we’d forgive you for thinking the Gold Coast is a ‘summer-only’ destination. However, come the colder months, this East Coast hot-spot has just as much to offer. Here are some of the fun things you can get involved with during winter on the Gold Coast. 1. Discover the area’s awesome […] full post

5 activities for adrenaline junkies on the Gold Coast

April 6, 2018, Chester S Fun Gold Coast

Do you enjoy pumping the blood in your veins as hard as it will go? Does your brain get its kicks being flooded with adrenaline? Then you're bound to enjoy these five action-packed activities on the Gold Coast. 1. Clamber up the Sky Point Climb If you thrive on the thrill of heights, you'll be itching […] full post

Retreats for inner peace on Australia’s East Coast

February 2, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Brisbane Cairns Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Sydney Tips

  These days, many of us spend long hours hunched over a computer and our wrists have to deal with repetitive strain as we tap away on our keyboards. Even when we manage to escape the office computer, we tend to keep our smartphones closer to us than our best friends – they reside in […] full post

3 of Australia’s best music festivals to catch this February

January 25, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Surfers Paradise Sydney

Australia's east coast has much more to offer during February than just scorching summer days. A number of eclectic music festivals showcasing talented local and international acts attract musos from far and wide. Hire a car in Brisbane and take a road trip all the way to Sydney, experiencing a few of Australia's best summer […] full post

The 3 best road trips on Australia’s east coast

January 9, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Brisbane Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Sydney

Temperatures are rising across Australia this summer, so find respite from your inner-city scorchers by rolling down the windows of a rental car and basking in the coastal breeze. Take some time out for one these unbeatable Australian road trips. 1. The Legendary Pacific Coast Touring Route, Sydney to Brisbane Let's kick this off with […] full post

4 things to do on the Gold Coast this summer

September 19, 2017, Chester S Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a fantastic place to visit in summer as there's always plenty to see and do. So fly in, grab your rental car at Gold Coast airport, and get on the road to see these top four summer sights! 1. Traverse O'Reilly's Tree Top Walk Constructed from a series of nine suspension bridges, […] full post

A road tripper’s guide to Airbnb

September 15, 2017, Chester S Gold Coast Tips

The days where you had to pay exorbitant accommodation prices every time you went on a road trip around the east coast of Australia are over. Take, for instance, a trip around Queensland – it used to be that once you'd arranged your car hire on the Gold Coast, or some other such city, you'd […] full post

5 of the best breweries within driving distance of the Gold Coast

July 31, 2017, Chester S Gold Coast Road Trips Tips

  Australia’s enviable climate and seemingly endless summer make it the perfect location to enjoy a beer or two in the hot sun. We’re a nation that loves its beer, and while Deloitte notes that overall consumption of the amber Aussie delicacy has declined in recent years, there’s a relatively new subsection of the market […] full post

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