Whale spotting in NZ: When, where and how many

February 4, 2019, Chester S Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

Back in 2002 the NZ movie 'Whale Rider' was released, and Keisha Castle-Hughes found her way into international limelight. However, this movie wasn't just a fictional tale – instead it showed the world how the majestic mammals are part of New Zealand's history and culture. Is it any surprise that there are so many great […]

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The 4 best dive sites along the East Coast of Australia

January 29, 2019, Chester S Adelaide Cairns Fun Road Trips Tips

With the Great Barrier Reef, you may not find it surprising that Australia has some of the best diving on offer in the world. From shipwrecks to diverse and colourful sea life, you'll find some great spots along the East Coast of Australia to admire the land under the sea from. What are you waiting […]

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The 3 best spots to go horse riding in Australia

January 23, 2019, Chester S Cairns Fun Road Trips Sydney

Who didn't have dreams of being a cowboy, or getting a pony, as a child? Horse riding just has a taste of adventure about it, even for adults. Plus, with classic Australian movies such as 'The Man from Snowy River', is your East Coast road trip really complete without jumping (or clambering, depending on your […]

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8 of Melbourne’s secret bars revealed

December 5, 2018, Chester S Fun Melbourne Tips

  Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a city characterised by its extensive street art also likes to hide away some of its best bars within narrow laneways, dark alleys, and unassuming corners. However, while many cities would be satisfied merely tucking entrances away, Melbourne isn’t. Instead, pass through fridge doors, give out secret passwords, […]

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Don’t miss out on Melbourne’s vibrant street art

November 29, 2018, Chester S Fun Melbourne Tips

  Melbourne is a vibrant city full of life, coffee, music and street art. Regularly listed as one of the world’s greatest cities to live in, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s yearly reports, you’ll soon understand why. However, while absorbing all that’s happening around you, don’t miss out on taking a tour of one of […]

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3 reasons to road trip your way around Aussie

November 28, 2018, Chester S Fun Melbourne Road Trips

With so many incredible destinations and experiences waiting in Australia, making the most of them is essential. Deciding on the right travel arrangements is a vital part of this, and there's no better way to get the most out of your Aussie experience than road tripping. Here are three reasons why you should hire a […]

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4 sunset spots worth stopping for on your NZ road trip

November 16, 2018, Chester S Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips

OK, so a sunset photograph is a bit of travel cliche, but we don't mind admitting we just love them. Sunsets are one of the most popular natural photography spectacles, with almost 2 million #sunset photographs on Instagram.  Theories as to why we love sunsets so much range from their ability to remind us of our […]

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What you didn’t know about Australia’s best known animals

November 7, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Fun Sydney Tips

  Did you know that Australia chose animals that couldn’t easily move backwards for their National Coat of Arms to symbolise their forward progression? In their first coat of arms, the banner also contained the words, “Advance Australia”, developing on this theme. However, when it comes to Australia’s native animals, the fact that emus and […]

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New Zealand’s obsession with giant things and where to see them

November 2, 2018, Chester S Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  Lots of countries around the world are famous for giant buildings – America has the Empire State Building, Dubai has the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, and the list goes on. While New Zealand isn’t well-known for it’s tall buildings, it is known for its love of giant, and slightly […]

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What the Melbourne Cup Carnival is all about

October 24, 2018, Chester S Events Fun Melbourne

If you're in Melbourne in November, you'd be hard pressed to escape the Melbourne Carnival Cup. Every November, the week-long event encompasses four races including the famous Melbourne Cup Day – all held at Flemington Racecourse, just a few kilometres drive outside of the city.  What's all the fuss about? Here's what you should know […]

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