3 diverse day trips out of Brisbane

February 26, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Events Fun Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

Brisbane is a city that has it all, a thriving bar and restaurant scene, plenty of sunshine and diverse culture. However, sometimes you need to break out of the CBD and explore a little further from the city limits. So, if you're craving a bit of extra breathing space, rent a car in Brisbane and try one […]

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Retreats for inner peace on Australia’s East Coast

February 2, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Brisbane Cairns Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Sydney Tips

  These days, many of us spend long hours hunched over a computer and our wrists have to deal with repetitive strain as we tap away on our keyboards. Even when we manage to escape the office computer, we tend to keep our smartphones closer to us than our best friends – they reside in […]

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3 unique road trips out of Auckland

January 31, 2018, Chester S Events Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

Let the highway draw you away from Auckland's urban surrounds, towards black-sand beaches, vast gorges or towering native trees. 1. Raglan's endless summer Hire a car near Auckland Airport, wind down the windows, and take a two-hour drive south to the beach town of Raglan on the west coast. On your way, make sure to […]

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3 of Australia’s best music festivals to catch this February

January 25, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Surfers Paradise Sydney

Australia's east coast has much more to offer during February than just scorching summer days. A number of eclectic music festivals showcasing talented local and international acts attract musos from far and wide. Hire a car in Brisbane and take a road trip all the way to Sydney, experiencing a few of Australia's best summer […]

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3 reasons why you should visit Redcliffe Kitefest this year

August 22, 2017, Chester S Brisbane Events

Brisbane is full of fantastic things to keep you going all year round. This August, however, the skies will be brighter than ever as the Redcliffe KiteFest flies into town. The festival is located around 20 minutes north of our Brisbane airport pickup location, at Pelican Park in Clontarf. So once you’ve picked up your […]

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6 awesome festivals to look forward to this winter

May 4, 2017, chris Events

Don’t hibernate this winter – beat the winter blues in true Australian style by making your way to one of the outstanding festivals taking place on the east coast over the colder months.  1. Dark Mofo June 8-21 This festival is as curious as it sounds. It started in the Museum of Old and New Art […]

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7 places to escape to this Easter

April 6, 2017, chris Events Road Trips Tips

The days of searching for Easter eggs in the garden might be over, but there is no reason adults can’t go on another kind of treasure hunt. Make the most of the four-day weekend, hire a car and track down the best Easter escapes on the east coast – it’ll be more satisfying than chocolate! […]

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3 reasons to visit Canberra in March

February 28, 2017, chris Canberra Events

As the rest of Australia starts to wind down for winter, Canberra comes alive. The month of March sees exciting festivals and events kick off in the capital, highlighting the cultural, culinary, and creative heritage of the city. There's no better time to visit Canberra than in early autumn. Time it right, and you'll be […]

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3 Victorian festivals to run away to on Labour Weekend

February 7, 2017, chris Events Melbourne Road Trips

What to do on a long weekend? Go to a music festival, of course! Australia is famous for its eclectic and exciting festivals, which celebrate music of all genres in locations of all kinds. Destination music festivals are the perfect excuse to skip town on a long weekend in late summer. If you live in […]

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Hire a white car to attend White Night in Melbourne this February

January 18, 2017, chris Events Melbourne

As the summer continues to impress with warm days and endless adventures, the events calendar continues to offer exceptional gems that simply can’t be missed. Melbourne’s ‘White Night’ festival is one of those events. Held on February 18 this year, it promises a night of surreal experiences that won’t soon be forgotten. Be sure to […]

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