[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 apps you should never road trip without

October 29, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

The start of summer signals the tried and true tradition of the Aussie road trip. With the air con on full blast and the radio blaring, road trips have been part of the Australian summer experience for as far back as a lot of people can remember. Thankfully, while the road trips of yesteryear involved […]

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Celebrate Australian Sleep Awareness Week by taking rest stops

July 6, 2015, chris Cairns Car hire tips and advice Melbourne Sydney

Hooray! Today is the first day of Australian Sleep Awareness Week.  Although this special event ends on Sunday, July 12, you can celebrate the message on every road trip by taking regular rest stops.  Before you drive  Worried that stopping to take a break will eat into your holiday time? Check out these three important […]

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Your ultimate guide to packing luggage for a road trip

July 3, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

There are hundreds of articles on the good ol’ world wide web about what to pack in your carry-on bag when boarding a flight – but what about road trips? Here at East Coast Car Rentals, we got your back(pack) and want you to have the best road trip, without sacrificing on leaving behind luggage. Here’s […]

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7 apps you should never road trip without

June 26, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

Ahh, the Aussie road trip. It’s a right of passage for most of us. We pack up the boot with our back packs and get our favourite music ready to sing along to at the top of our lungs, all our loved ones in the car with us. What can make this road trip run […]

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Keep the kids happy with these fun road trip games!

May 7, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

One of the most memorable family activities is the long, winding road trip – singing along off-key to songs blasting from the stereo, laughing so hard the seat-belts tighten around our tummies, getting a chance to really catch up and have some heart-to-heart chats on the road. You can kiss the days of hearing “are […]

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48 hours in Sydney

April 10, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice Sydney

The capital of Australia in all but name, Sydney is a city that cannot be summed up in mere words. A vibrant, modern metropolis that peers out into the South Pacific, Sydney is home to forward-thinking architecture, world-famous beaches, exemplary shopping opportunities and a multitude of iconic monuments. All of these have been the subject of […]

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A short South Australian road trip

April 2, 2015, chris Adelaide Car hire tips and advice

Packing a few essentials, throwing on those sunglasses and tuning into some sounds on the car stereo as you head on out for an epic month-long road trip may be one of the greatest adventures  that you can undertake on the great Australian highway. Leaving all your cares and worries behind as you traverse the great expanses […]

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Where can you find Australia’s quirkiest restaurants?

March 25, 2015, chris Adelaide Car hire tips and advice Melbourne

Australia boasts some of the world's most beautiful landscapes – sweeping panoramas, broad expanses of unspoilt desert, verdant countryside and sapphire oceans. If you're planning on exploring our fine country on the road, the chances are that you're going to get hungry at some point along the way, especially with all of those interesting sights […]

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Drink driving laws that every tourist in Australia should know

February 17, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

Taking a few weeks off work, setting out in a hire vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals and heading onto the wide-open, empty Australian highways for an extended road trip is one of life’s greatest pleasures. All that unspoiled scenery, range of things to see and do and the endless possibilities of the road mean […]

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How to travel as lightly as possible on a great Australian road trip

January 30, 2015, chris Car hire tips and advice

Preparing for your road trip across our beautiful country can be an exciting, yet fraught time. Doubtlessly, you’ll have scoured the internet and sought the advice of experienced friends with regards to what you should or shouldn’t pack, perhaps leaving you even more confused. Packing light is an excellent option – not only will you […]

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