What’s up in our country’s capital?

September 30, 2016, chris Canberra

  When was the last time you visited Australia’s great capital? Canberra was chosen to be this country’s capital for a reason, and wasn’t just about appeasing the great rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. If it’s been a while since you’ve explored this great city, then you need to jump in your rental car and […]

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Capital places to see near Canberra

April 26, 2016, chris Canberra

  As our capital city, Canberra is steeped in the history and culture of Australia. It’s also unique amongst the big smokes by virtue of being the only city in its territory. While geographically located within New South Wales, Canberra is similar to America’s Washington D.C. in that it is part of a unique territory (Australian […]

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Get fit and having fun doing it around Australia’s East Coast

January 8, 2016, chris Cairns Canberra Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Sydney

Happy New Year folks! We’ve finally said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 with open arms. Whether you’ve got a few more days of holiday left or have just gotten back to work, chances are you’ll be feeling invigorated and energised, ready to tackle the year’s challenges. After recovering from the New Year festivities, you […]

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The biggest and brightest: Australia’s world record holders

December 3, 2015, chris Cairns Canberra Sydney

After what seems like forever, December is finally here and summer is in full swing. As malls put up decorations and Starbucks sells out of gingernut frappes, Australians are starting to feel the festive spirit – none more so than David Richards, a resident of Canberra who has very recently broken the world record for […]

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Making sure that you have the perfect Australian road trip: Part three

March 12, 2015, chris Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Melbourne Sydney

Your great Australian road trip is well underway by now. You’ve brought along your favourite people, have a decent idea as to where you are going to drive and what magnificent sights you’ll see along the way. The financial side of things is no longer a worry, as you have put together a great budget […]

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Making sure that you have the perfect Australian road trip: Part two

March 3, 2015, chris Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Car hire tips and advice Melbourne Sydney

So, you’ve decided who will be accompanying you on your great Australian road trip, brainstormed some exciting ideas as to where you will drive, and sorted out your finances and budget planning. You’re almost ready to jump behind the wheel of your hire vehicle and set off into the great Aussie unknown, but there are […]

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Making sure that you have the perfect Australian road trip: Part one

February 27, 2015, chris Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Car hire tips and advice Melbourne Sydney

If you’re an Australian, and even if you aren’t, there’s something about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and embarking upon a road trip to just about, well, anywhere. The beauty of the road trip is that you never know where you may end up, what you might see en route, or who you […]

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48 hours in Canberra

January 27, 2015, chris Canberra

The underrated capital of Australia is, in fact, a hive of vibrant culture, replete with a great raft of intriguing things to see and do. A young city in the scheme of national capitals, Canberra was established just over a century ago as a compromise between Australia's two largest settlements, Sydney and Melbourne. Neither would […]

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Eerie episodes in creepy Canberra

October 29, 2014, chris Canberra

Three ghostly locations in the creepy capital of Canberra, from a catastrophic air disaster, a poltergeist-populated museum and a cottage heavily laden in tragedy.

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Cool corners of Canberra to cruise

October 21, 2014, chris Canberra

Three different things to do when visiting Canberra, from visting the National Arboretum, taking in the dulcet tones of the towering Carillon, or finding out where all those coins in your pockets are actually made.

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