Places you should go for the most relaxing Aussie road trip

August 20, 2018, Chester S Brisbane Cairns Melbourne Road Trips Sydney Tips

For a holiday that takes you away from the day-to-day and provides an opportunity to completely relax, it's best to get out of the city and head into the bush or to the coast. Whether you want empty forests, peaceful mountains or a luxury spa resort, your Australian road trip can include it all. With […] full post

Foods you should be trying on your next Australian road trip

August 17, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Canberra Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Sunshine Coast Surfers Paradise Sydney Tips

  No great Australian road trip would get very far without some good food to keep you fuelled. Australia has plenty of national treats, both sweet and savoury. Try out these Aussie favourites on your next trip. Sweet treats and coffee-break snacks Pavlova – Let’s start with a bit of controversy. Depending on who you […] full post

3 must-visit scenic destinations outside of Cairns

May 8, 2018, Chester S Cairns

  There’s more to Cairns than the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. The area is brimming with lush rainforests, mountainous landscapes and rugged coastal scenery that is just as (if not more) beautiful. Explore these breath-taking locations at your own leisure by booking the perfect car hire with East Coast Car Rentals. The Daintree Rainforest The Daintree […] full post

Retreats for inner peace on Australia’s East Coast

February 2, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Brisbane Cairns Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Sydney Tips

  These days, many of us spend long hours hunched over a computer and our wrists have to deal with repetitive strain as we tap away on our keyboards. Even when we manage to escape the office computer, we tend to keep our smartphones closer to us than our best friends – they reside in […] full post

North Queensland: Paradise in the rainforest

January 31, 2018, Chester S Cairns Fun Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  For a tropical North Queensland experience, hire a car in Cairns from as little as $27 a day and drive approximately an hour north to Port Douglas, along a winding coastal road offering views of the Coral Sea. You’ll notice on arrival, that this tropical part of Australia has been blessed with more than its fair […] full post

The bucket list: East coast edition

December 19, 2017, Chester S Cairns Fun Melbourne Road Trips Sydney

When you're travelling around Australia's east coast, there are a lot of special places to see. They're easy to miss though, so if you don't plan your trip thoroughly, you might skip some of the most magnificent sites (and sights) in all of Australia. Take your rental car from Melbourne all the way to Queensland and stop […] full post

5 big things around Cairns

November 20, 2017, Chester S Cairns

  Bigger is always better. Just ask anyone who’s ever accidentally ordered “sliders” at a restaurant – these miniature burgers just leave you hungry and craving a regular, big burger. If you’ve just ordered sliders, and are mad that they’re just small, pointless burgers, get your big fix by checking out these big things around Cairns. Once […] full post

3 reasons you should visit Cairns this summer

September 21, 2017, Chester S Cairns

Summer is a great time to visit the city of the north. The weather is warm – average temperatures range from 23.6 to 31.4 degrees Celsius – and most of the annual rainfall for the region falls during this season. It's hot and it's wet – perfect conditions for some of the things on this list. […] full post

The best ways to spend spring in Australia

August 29, 2017, Chester S Adelaide Cairns Canberra

  Spring is right around the corner here in Australia. Thanks to moderate temperatures and fewer weather events, spring is perhaps the absolute best time for you to take a road trip across the east coast. Waking up from a sleepy winter, the east coast states come to life from September onwards, with a treasure trove […] full post

5 top hiking spots near Cairns

April 4, 2017, chris Cairns

  Cairns is at the heart of adventure in Queensland adventure. The diverse national parks and rainforests that hem in the city are just as wonderful as the Great Barrier Reef out to sea. Teeming with wildlife and home to ancient rainforests, the lush wilderness is ripe for exploration and the myriad hiking trails in the area […] full post

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