If you’re organising a rental on the Gold Coast for a wonderful week away, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of vehicle will best suit your travel needs.

You may think that, as long as it can get you and your fellow travellers from A to B, any old car will do. But you’d be wrong!

So, we’ve come up with two hypothetical travel situations that you may one day find yourself in and paired them with the perfect car. You’re welcome!

Family vacation

Imagine you and your significant other are taking the kids on fun-filled family trip in Queensland. What kind of features would your Gold Coast car rentals need to have in order to make sure everyone is comfortable and contented as you drive from place to place?

We suggest hiring the Toyota Camry, our most popular family-sized car. It can easily accommodate five adults and, more importantly, all of your suitcases. It also contains a CD / MP3 player, which means your kids can choose the tunes you listen to as you make your way to your next destination.

Romantic getaway

Maybe you’ve decided to escape to Brisbane for a few days to enjoy some quality time with that special someone. In this case, you’ll want a smaller, more compact car so you can sit nice and close to your partner while you explore the sights of Australia’s third-largest city.

Try our three-door hatchback. It’s cosy size will perfectly suit you, your love and your luggage. It’s also easy to squeeze into parking spaces, which means you can make plenty of romantic stops.

And, because it’s the most affordable car we have on offer, you’ll have a little extra cash in hand to shower your loved one with gifts.

There are plenty more cars where these came from, so check out East Coast Car Rentals next time you’re looking at options for Brisbane car rentals.