Brisbane's Story Bridge is a recognisable component of the city's landscape. The intricate and powerful steel cantilever bridge stretches across the Brisbane River and is the longest of its kind in Australia. A major access point for the city, it connects Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point and has hundreds of cars, bicycles and walkers crossing it every day. It is a symbol of both technical prowess and the city of Brisbane.

Historical background

The bridge has been open since July 6, 1940, after taking five years to be completed. Queensland local, Dr John Bradfield, acted as the consulting engineer and head of the design team. Bradfield and his team completed 600 drawings that were used to create the bridge.

During the Great Depression, when jobs were hard to come by, the bridge provided some much-needed employment for locals. 

Every aspect of the bridge, from the design, to the fabrication and construction, was completed by Australians, making it a source of national pride.

As one of Brisbane's most treasured landmarks, and seen throughout the city, ever since it was erected it has required constant maintenance. Currently it receives a fresh coat of paint every seven years. It takes a massive 17,500 litres of paint to cover the 105,000 square metres of painted steel surfaces.

The climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climbs (SBAC) is a unique Brisbane adventure opportunity. You can choose from a range of climbs, so there is something to suit everyone. No matter which one you decide on, it is bound to take your breath away and leave you with lasting memories.

Bridge Climbs take you from the SBAC headquarters on Main Street at Kangaroo Point to the base of the bridge. You will make your way beneath the structure and zooming traffic, pausing at the platform known as the halfway house. A knowledgeable guide will tell you some vivid stories about Brisbane in general and the bridge specifically.  

Following that, you will continue on to climb past the traffic up to the higher points of the bridge, over 80 metres above sea level. The river, city and land surrounding the city stretches out in every direction in breathtakingly beautiful views.

On your way back to the ground you will pass over the six lanes of traffic and have many more chances to revel in the picturesque location.

The Abseil Climb takes you to the top of the bridge to descend down the side with ropes and pulleys. You will gradually make your way down the side of the bridge, pausing to take in your surroundings. This exhilarating opportunity requires no prior climbing experience.

Getting there

Getting there and finding a park for your rental car is a breeze. There are many parking facilities on Wharf Street, right near the SBAC offices.