The world's largest war memorial, the Great Ocean Road has attracted visitors to its near-250 kilometre length since its completion in 1932. One of Australia's most effortlessly stunning drives, your eyes will be met with wonderment at every twist and turn as the road snakes its way through Victoria. Striking vistas, sweeping panoramas and astonishing landmarks arrest your gaze with an elegant efficiency – but this veritable feast for the vision can all-too-easily cause you to forget your stomach! So, when you find your tummy a-rumblin' as you wind your way along the the Great Ocean Road on an early morning, why not try out one of these breakfast hot-spots scattered along the route so you can continue your drive with a satiated smile upon your face?

Kafe Kaos, Lorne

All too often these days, breakfast establishments try too hard to impress. These eateries are often done up to the nines in marble and serve food on silver platter, with garish lights burning into your brain. Sometimes, what people simply want is efficient service, decent food delivered with a smile and something of an atmosphere. You'll find this at Kafe Kaos, with great coffee served alongside their famous, piled-ridiculously-high pancake stacks. Let Kaos commence!

Cafe Lava, Warrnambool

One for the coffee connoisseurs. An infinite array of coffees adorn the grinder, and you'll be hard-pushed to walk out of the place without the aromatic burning of beans waltzing around your nostrils. As you bounce off the walls from your caffeine fix, have a butchers at Cafe Lava's varied menu – their farmhouse breakfast is genuinely dustbin-lid sized. Bring a doggy bag.

The Bridgewater Bay Cafe

Here's a classy one for you. Without being too la-di-da, the Bridgewater Bay Cafe still scores highly on the posh-nosh charts. Breakfast barely stops at this establishment, so you can never miss it, but fish is a definite speciality – over lunch, they offer a flabbergasting assortment of our tasty-finned friends, which is pretty apt, seeing as the cafe's deck almost runs into the ocean itself.

It's good eatin'.