Sometimes you just want a doughnut – we've all been there. If you're on holiday in Melbourne when the craving hits, you're in luck! There are many places that have great food, and many that specialise in providing you with the best doughnuts. Here are a couple of choices to get you started:

Walker's Doughnuts

This bakery uses old-fashioned techniques to create real doughnuts with real ingredients. Here you won't get anything artificial and fake – it's the real deal. The delights are made fresh every day from the bakers, so you're guaranteed to get something just baked and delicious.

The flavours range from classic to unique. If you want an old favourite, go for glazed, chocolate or banana custard, or for something a little bit fancy, choose classic Melbourne pineapple or cinnamon to munch on. All of the flavours are laid out in their glory in the cabinet.

Enjoy your doughnut along with a cup of coffee, if you're that way inclined. There are eight different bean types available, blended and roasted by the masters to create a cup that will leave you satisfied. If you're in the mood for something a little more filling, you'll also be able to enjoy old-fashioned soda, milkshakes and genuine USA hot dogs. 

Olympic Doughnuts

Not many people know this place, also called 'Footscray doughnuts' or 'the train station doughnuts'. Find it near the Footscray train station on Irving Street to see, and taste, what you've been missing!

Just two people produce positively delectable treats in a portable caravan. The food truck has actually been around for many years, and still serves the classic jam doughnut. Here it is extra special – bite into the crispy ball to get a mouth full of the warm and oozing berry jam. 

Every doughnut is methodically created, beginning with the kneading and ending with the dusting of sugar and injecting of jam.

You can pick some up for less that a dollar – that's nothing for something that tastes so good.

American Doughnut Kitchen

Stop by yet another food truck so you can pick up some delicious doughnuts from a 1950s​-style bus. Parked at the Queen Victoria Market, it's become something of an icon in the city. Every day American Doughnut Kitchen serves thousands of hot jam doughnuts to hungry customers.

The bakers still use the same recipe that they started the business with, back in the 1950s. The dough is made the day before and then turned into a treat in front of you. Get in quick when you're visiting! The truck shows up at the market when it opens and stays until it's closed or they're sold out.

Baker D. Chirico

Do you want some comfort food but also feel like something a little bit fancy? Then check out this bakery on Fitzroy Street. The doughnuts are dainty and elegant. Considering how light and fluffy they are, you'll have no problem eating more than one! They are filled with custard that's been flavoured with vanilla beans and has a zesty element with the citrus-flecked dough and topped off with a sugary coating.

The bakery also has a whole range of breads, including nutritious whole-wheat loaves, and other items such as nougat, which is a very popular choice. The espresso is a great accompaniment to your doughnut.

The actual location is a treat in and of itself! A rippling wooden structure covers one wall and the roof, while a black and white photograph makes up a mural that covers the other wall. It has rustic charm, but is also quite chic and fits right into the city life. The packaging is a special bonus – it showcases simple and current art that go with this cool brand.

If you want to check out a couple of these spots and need a way to get from one place to the other, it's easy to get a Melbourne car rental and drive to what interests you.