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Thank your lucky stars: 8 amazing stargazing spots in New Zealand

New Zealand's well-known for it's daytime beauty. With scenery ranging from beaches to mountains, it really hits the mark. But at […]

10 facts we bet you didn’t know about the Sydney Opera House

When planning your Australian road trip and getting your car hire booked, you're probably considering a trip to one of […]

Take travel photos you'll enjoy forever.

How to take travel photos you’ll enjoy for years

If you're no expert when it comes to photography, how do you get shots that'll really remind you of your […]

Get car hire in Adelaide and explore South Australia.

South Australia: Experience culture, outdoor activities and gourmet dining

With car hire available from Adelaide, however you arrive, South Australia makes for days of adventure. Fill your time with […]

Hire a car and head off in pursuit of these excellent golf courses.

Keen on golfing? Check out these Australian courses on your trip

If you know your drivers from your putters and fancy a leisurely game of golf on your Australian road trip, […]

Book your hire car and enjoy all that the Australian spring time has to offer.

Full of the joys of spring: Why it’s a great time of year for an Aussie road trip

Spring time in Australia is a great time for comfortable temperatures, outdoor events, exhibitions and catching up with nature. It's […]

What should be on your ultimate road trip playlist?

How to compile the ultimate road trip playlist

There are many considerations that go into planning the perfect road trip. Practicalities such as planning a route and ensuring your […]

New Zealand's Great Walks are worth planning into your road trip.

You’ll love these spectacular NZ hiking tracks

With spring on the way, New Zealand's walking tracks are high on the agenda of many of the travellers we […]

Save money when you travel by selecting the right foreign currency provider.

What are the options when it comes to spending in foreign currency?

You've picked up your Sydney Airport car hire and checked into your hotel, now it's time to really start enjoying yourself. What's […]

Take your Auckland car hire to the Bay of Plenty on your next road trip.

Why the Bay of Plenty should be on your road trip list

Getting your Auckland car hire sorted is the easy part, planning a route is not so simple. New Zealand has […]