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4 fun-filled excursions for Father’s Day

If you live in Australia or happen to be visiting around September 1, these activities may be just the thing to put a smile on your father’s face.

The east coast of Australia is home to some of the country's most incredible national parks.

The best national parks along the east coast

It's no secret that the east coast of Australia is a magnet for tourists. Beyond the city centres and the […]

Kaimanawa Park gives explorers an opportunity to get among the New Zealand countryside.

Exploring the Kaimanawa Forest Park

Around an hour's drive from Taupo, Kaimanawa Forest Park is a time capsule of life in New Zealand before humans walked […]

Winter sickness can be a drag - here's how to avoid it on your road trip.

Staving off sickness on your road trip

The east coast of Australia is one of few places in the world that provides a picturesque road trip opportunity […]

Visiting Australia in the winter months.

The East Coast road trip: Winter edition

One of the great things about Australia is the glorious weather. Holidays here are associated with golden sand beaches, warm […]

Have you considered a winter road trip?

Winter road tripping tips for New Zealand and Australia

Don't let winter scare you off the idea of a road trip. The colder season has a lot to offer […]