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What can the stories behind these six place names tell you about Australia?

Have you ever considered where certain place names originated? Often you'll find a lot of a country's history tied in […]

Where to road trip along the East Coast of New Zealand

The East Coast of Australia isn't the only one holding some amazing road trip treasures. Along the eastern edge of […]

Do you know the best places to escape into NZ's mountain ranges?

What to know about climbing NZ’s mountains

New Zealand is known for its beaches. As well as its sheep, native bush and adorable flightless birds. However, one thing […]

From Cairns to Brisbane, here are some of the hottest spots to visit.

What are the hottest spots between Brisbane and Cairns?

You've just booked your rental car from Cairns. The first leg of your road trip down the East Coast of […]

Do you know the best games for your road trip?

5 games to play with your road trip buddies

No road trip is complete without car games. Along with a great playlist, they're a great option to pass the […]

The Waitakere Ranges offer a slice of rugged NZ just outside of Auckland city.

Why you should explore the walking tracks of the Waitakere Ranges

Out beyond the city of Auckland, and away from the myriad of golden beaches and islands, you'll find the Waitakere […]

Don't forget to watch out for whales on your trip through NZ!

Whale spotting in NZ: When, where and how many

Back in 2002 the NZ movie 'Whale Rider' was released, and Keisha Castle-Hughes found her way into international limelight. However, […]

People love Surfers Paradise.

Why people love Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise attracts thousands of visitors every year to its long sand beaches. It's not surprising so many local and […]

Our top attractions in Canberra.

10 reasons to visit Australia’s capital city

Despite being Australia's capital city, Canberra is often skipped over in favour of the better known attractions of Melbourne and […]

Visit Orakei Korako while in Taupo.

5 things to do during a weekend in Taupo

Just over three hours drive south from our Auckland Airport vehicle rental is Taupo. Situated on the northern edge of Lake […]