Ahoy, East Coast Car Rentals crew mates! Tomorrow, September 19, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What better way to celebrate th’ mighty, momentous occasion than by visiting this vast island country’s coastal cities? 

Treasures in their own right, it’s darn right impossible to ever get sick of these coastal cities. No, nay ne’er! Leave portside on me beauty, the ship, and hire a car so ye can drive to the differen’ attractions. Arrrr ye ready to explore like a tru’ pirate would? 

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Jun 19, 2015 at 12:43pm PDT

Portside in Cairns 

From the momen’ we sail past the mesmerisin’ colours of the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the turtles and fish dart around, ye know we’re heading towards a sublime seaside city.

Make sure that ye navigate the Cairns Botanical Gardens, which is one of the mos’ beautiful collections of flowers I’ve ever seen through me one non-patched up eye. It has been around since 1876 – back when the Kraken still ravaged the seas – but you won’ find none of those scurvy dogs in the gardens. It’s peaceful as the sea on a good summer’s day. 

Next, head back on the water to travel to Michaelmas Cay. Take it from someone who sailed the Seven Seas, there’s no stretch of sand or coral as blissful as this. It’s small – jus’ 50 x 50 metres – but this low-lying vegetated sand cay would make even Poseidon jealous with it’s sheer serenity. Sands glint like gold here, what better treasure could ye want? 

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Aug 10, 2015 at 10:42pm PDT

​Docking in Sydney

A pirate’s life is a life for me, but if ther’ ever was a city worth docking in, ’tis Sydney. Once ye have docked, head to the Australian National Maritime Museum. Park yer car at 2 Murray Street in Sydney, and yer there. 

Genuine pirate maps from me ancestors are on show here. Ye can also see old ship sections, ancient navigation tools, and a raft of other maritime materials – all of these can be spotte’ in the exhibitions, collections, and archaeology departments of the museum. 

A permanen’ exhibition, called ‘Navigators: Charting paths of discovery to Australia’, is a must-see. There’s an actual piece from Captain Cook’s ship HMS Resolution on show, along with a magnificen’ globe from 1602 and artefacts found from Dutch shipwrecks. 

Best of all, ye can get back onto the oceans onboard an 18th century vessel by booking a voyage on the Endeavour. Sail from Sydney to Geelong between January 28 and February 5 of yonder year 2016, and let the waves lull ye to sleep like the best mother. It’s a highlight of the museum’s offerings. 

Where will ye go first, matey?