As much as we all love a nice, relaxing roadtrip, sometimes you just want to go all out and experience the rush that comes with doing something extreme. We don’t mean extreme like taking out a mortgage with only a five per cent deposit in a time where potential interest-rate rises are on the horizon, oh no. We mean extreme sports.

While you might think that you need to be highly skilled at things like snowboarding or BMX riding to take part, you don’t! There are many extreme sports options that even a total novice can enjoy. We’ve put together a tour that takes you from the top of Australia’s east coast to the bottom, taking part in radical activities along the way. So book your car hire in Cairns and get out there!

Bungy jump in Cairns

A.J. Hackett was one mad lad. He’s the bloke that started the bungy jumping industry. It all began when he grasped the world’s attention by jumping off the Eiffel Tower with only a rubber cable attached to his legs.

His inspiration for this act was seeing the ritual performed by male Pentecost Islanders, who throw themselves off 35 metre-high towers, with only vines wrapped around their legs to save them. Fortunately, he and his friends developed a more robust system that’s infinitely safer than a raggedy old vine.

While there are many cool places to bungy jump in the world, one of the best would have to be at A.J. Hackett Cairns. At 50 metres in height (and the only bungy tower in Australia), the Cairns bungy is the best place to get your jumping-off-a-tower thrills. It can be found at the end of McGregor Road in Smithfield, about 20 minutes outside of Cairns.

Whitewater rafting on the Tully River

Next stop is just south of the great city of Cairns to go whitewater rafting. Raging Thunder Adventures can take you and your crew from Cairns itself out to the river for a full day tour. And what a tour it is.

The Tully River is widely held to be the best rafting location in the entire country and features grade 3 and 4 level rapids that take you on a wild ride through the awe-inspiring rainforest. Did we mention there’s an incredible barbecue lunch provided? That’s worth the ticket price alone.

Hang gliding in Sydney

The next location is found in Sydney, which, if for some reason you don’t want to go hang gliding, offers plenty of other things to do. But for those with a sense of adventure, hang gliding will prove one of the highlights of the trip. In the past, hang gliding was one of those activities where you had to be pretty gosh-darned skilled to take part. Today, however, tandem hang gliders are all the rage. At the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre, anyone can take part and fly like an eagle.

You’ll be flying about for around 25 to 30 minutes, launching off from the world famous Bald Hill at Stanwell Park. If the experience gets your heart racing to the point where you want to get your own hang gliding license, you can do so here too. The course run by the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre takes around 10 to 12 days and at the end of the course, you’ll be able to take to the skies by yourself.

Zorbing in Yeodene

The wonders of the modern world let mankind manufacture all sorts of zany contraptions to amuse ourselves. One such invention is the Zorb, a huge inflatable globe that you can get inside of and ride.

At Planet Mud Outdoor Adventures (found on Possum Ridge Road, Yeodene, Victoria) you’ll be able to jump inside one of their three metre tall balls and roll down a hill. There’s even a purpose-built viewing deck where your mates can take pictures and laugh at you as you tumble down the track.

Sky-dive over the Great Ocean Road

If you’ve ever fantasised about jumping out of a plane flying high in the air, with only a thin sheet of fabric strapped to your back keeping you from resembling an egg dropped onto concrete, guess what? It sounds like skydiving is the activity for you!

Skydive Australia operates in many locations on Australia’s east coast, but if you’ve been following our itinerary, you’ll want to do it at the Great Ocean Road. Once you’re up, you’ll exit the plane at a height of 15,000 feet and free fall for a life-changing 60 seconds. The chute pulled, you’ll then get to float around peacefully for about five to seven minutes. You’ll need that time to stop your heart threatening to erupt out of your chest!

What a radical adventure! If you think you’d like to give this spine-tingling road trip a go, then get in touch with East Coast Car Rentals today! Just remember to pack plenty of spare underwear – on a trip like this, you’ll need it.