It is easy to cram a whole range of activities onto the agenda when visiting South Australia’s capital city, as it has everything from vineyards and beaches to hills and ranges in spitting distance from the CBD.

Here are some of the top locations you should make time to visit in the car rental Adelaide Airport passengers rely on – see how many you can fit in during your holiday!

Barossa Valley

Known for its wide variety of wines, the Barossa Valley consists of both cool and warm climates in which grape vines thrive. This destination is a little further away – about an hour’s drive – but well worth the trip.

There are more than 750 grape growing families in the area, so you are bound to find a drop you particularly enjoy.

However, there is more to this region than its Shiraz, Riesling and Merlot bottles. There are culinary traditions to uphold, too.

The township’s original German-speaking settlers has a huge impact on the flavours of Barossa’s famous cuisine and while you’re in this beautiful valley, you may be able to partake in some of the local delicacies.

Fresh food is a key element of Barossa culture, with an emphasis on seasonally-grown produce. Local offerings include cheese, bread, pastry, olive oil and even items such as chocolate and coffee.

If you are here during the weekend, the Stockwell road farmer’s market is a must-do. Join locals as they line up to purchase locally grown fruit and vegetables as well as exchange in regional gossip.

Glenelg Beach

For a bit of rest and relaxation, head to the quaint seaside village known as Glenelg. It features more activities than just resting on the white sand beach, however, and is only around a 15 minute drive from the heart of Adelaide.

During the summer months, there are always plenty of entertainment options on show. You could also enjoy a stroll along the village sidewalk, where you can look at the many heritage hotels and shops that line the streets as well as the myriad of cafes. Make sure you treat yourself to a delicious coffee or ice cream while you’re there.

This stunning village also caters for thrill seekers or those looking for an opportunity to take on something outside the box. Head to the marina and take part in a dolphin sailing tour. These tours will take you around Holdfast Bay where you can spot both bottle nosed and common dolphins.

Alternatively, learn to surf, scuba dive or snorkel along the reefs, or get your adrenalin pumping with a jet boat ride along the coastline.

Keen fishers may enjoy the chance to take a fishing charter out for a day or even a night. See what creatures you can catch.

Adelaide Hills

It is well worth the 26 minute journey from the CBD to Adelaide Hills, where you can take in some spectacular views, visit historic villages and plenty of local wildlife.

With the stunning scenic drives on offer, you may never even want to leave your car!

However, it is worth opening the doors as there are some delicious food to sample and plenty of other activities to keep you busy.

Adelaide Hills is close to the Gorge Wildlife Park, where you can see koalas and dingoes aplenty, as well as spot Tasmanian devils, wombats and echidnas. There are also exotic animals such as American alligators, otters, monkeys and meerkats on display.

Port Adelaide

In just under 20 minutes, you could whisk your way to the beautiful, historic and attractive maritime environment that is Port Adelaide.

This beautiful location is chocka with heritage buildings, and you also have the opportunity to head to one of many childhood, railway or maritime museums if you want to see what the city was like in the past.

For something more modern, you could go on a river cruise and see the city from a new perspective or kayak around the Port River’s mangrove forests.

Another must-do is the beautiful Sunday markets, which provide a wonderful opportunity to stock up on fruit and vegetables.