Your best friend will always have a special place in your passenger seat, but your smartphone might be the ultimate road tripping companion. With the right apps, you can fit all of the information you’ll need for your trip in the memory space on your mobile.

Getting lost, not knowing where the next petrol station is or not having any good restaurant recommendations – you can forget all about these problems with the following apps. Make sure you download these beauties before you hire a car and head off on your next great Australian road trip.

Keep your glove box free for snacks; with Maps.Me you no longer need a paper map.


Keep your glove box free for snacks; with MAPS.ME you no longer need a paper map. This one app includes every street, right down to the smallest town. Highly detailed, MAPS.ME covers points of interest, accommodation and places to eat, so you can navigate your way around the country with ease.

You don’t need an Internet connection for MAPS.ME, so you will never disconnect from directions. And the best part? It’s free!

2. Fuel Map

A free comprehensive database of petrol stations across Australia, Fuel Map is the app you need to make sure you never hit empty. You can search for the nearest (or cheapest) petrol station displayed on a map, with the latest fuel price helpfully attached. Information is added and edited by regular people, so it is kept up-to-date.

If you plan on driving for long periods, or heading to more remote areas on the east coast, Fuel Map should definitely be added to your smartphone.

3. WikiCamps 

This is the ultimate app for keen campers. A database of campgrounds, backpacker hostels, caravan parks, information centres and more, WikiCamps is the only guide you will need for any camping trip in Australia.

If you plan on doing a spot of camping in a remote area with no mobile reception, never fear – it works offline. Download the relevant content before you set off and you will have all the information you need.

4. Touchnote

Revive the retro nostalgia of postcards with this ingenious app. Touchnote saves you the effort of buying a postcard and stamps (so you have no excuse not to send one home to Grandma).

With this app, the photos you’ve been snapping from your trip can be turned into postcards in just a few taps. You have the freedom to create and post personalised cards anywhere in the world.

5. Yelp

Yelp is an essential directory of nightlife, restaurants, shopping and more. If you’re new in town, this app will help you find anything you need. With a comprehensive archive, Yelp can help you find everything from a petrol station to a place to stay. Helpful reviews mean you basically have local knowledge at your fingertips.

6. VSCO Cam

One of the most important apps for any trip is the default camera app on your smartphone, closely followed by this photo editing tool. Snapping photos on your phone is a fast and easy way to record and share your journey. Before you upload your photos to social media, or send them off to friends and family, make sure they look amazing by giving them a once over with VSCO Cam.

Okay, okay – VSCO might not technically be making your road trip easier, but it will help you keep photo-worthy moments forever!

Once your smartphone has been loaded up with these useful apps, you’ll be ready to hit the road. Pick out the vehicle that suits you best and put your home in the rearview mirror – adventure awaits!