Australia is a vast country and this is reflected in the what can be found whilst traversing the great expanses of open highway. It has become something of an Australian tradition to place massively oversized objects in seemingly random locations dotted throughout the landscape and more are springing up with every passing year.

There are almost 150 'Big Things' scattered across Australia, ranging from the Big Gumboot to the Big Boxing Croc (yes, it's exactly what it sounds like). Though it'd be something of an epic road trip to go and seek out each and every Big Thing, with a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, you can certainly take a ride out and visit a fair few of them. The following 'Big Things' are found in New South Wales and can be reached with relative ease.

The Big Banana 

The Big Banana has been documented as the first 'Big Thing' created in Australia, appearing in 1964. Found in Coffs Harbour, the Big Banana is the centrepoint of a theme park constructed around a banana plantation. Featuring Australia's highest inflatable waterslide, know as the 'Banana Slip', you'll also find an ice skating rink, a crazy toboggan ride and a 36 hole mini golf course, as well as the 'Going Bananas' cafe and gift shop. 'It's a whole bunch of fun', as they say!

The Big Golden Guitar

Tamworth, where you'll find The Big Golden Guitar, is known as 'the heart of Australian country music', so it is fitting that you'll find this gargantuan instrument in the city, designed to commemorate the influence the area had on the genre. The Big Golden Guitar also features a synonymous coffee shop, where you can relax with a latte and a muffin before visiting the music store, specialising in country artists. Don Bradman, the Australian cricketing legend, is celebrated at the newly opened museum, which contains the largest collection privately owned memorabilia about the great opening batsman himself.

The Big Merino

The Big Merino, nicknamed 'Rambo', is found in Goulburn and was built as a tribute to the fine wool-growing industry that the surrounding area was built upon. Rambo is hollow and can be climbed – inside, you'll find a gift shop and a wool display. Clamber yet further and you can take a look through The Big Merino's eyes and at 15 metres in height, you'll be sure to get a great view!

The Big Trout

The elegant mountain town of Adaminaby is a very popular spot for trout fishing so, naturally, there is a 10 metre fibreglass fish leaping from the ground to reflect this fact. Found in the beautiful Snowy Mountains, the Big Trout doesn't feature the cafes, gift shops and theme parks of the other Big Things, but the jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds this briny behemoth will more than make up for that fact. Besides, the tranquil nature of the Big Trout can offer a welcome alternative to the bustling crowds that can sometimes form at more commercial attractions.

The Big Tennis Racquet

The Big Tennis Racquet is a relatively new 'Big Thing', having been built in 2009. Found in the town of Barellan, it was unveiled as a lasting tribute to Australian tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley, who won 14 Grand Slam titles during her time at the top of the professional game. Cawley grew up in Barellan, and the racquet is an exact 20:1 replica of her trademark, tattered wooden piece that brought her such success.

Cruising the highways of New South Wales in your East Coast Car Rentals hire vehicle, you'll be sure to spot many more Big Things – it's not as if they are difficult to miss!