Call us biased but we love deals on car hire and all other things travel. The web is an amazing source of inspiration for your next trip but with so much information on the web it can sometimes be hard to know where to look. We’ve pulled together a list of five of our favourite travel bloggers to follow and get inspired by for travel in 2013.

We’ve given each of our favourite travel bloggers the ‘Family Guy’ treatment.

1: Nellie Huang of

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Together with Alberto Molero, Nellie Huang has built up into one of the most influential and most read travel blogs in the world.

What we love..

  • Nellie and her team help get you off the beaten track and discover the type of places you might not find in the guidebooks.
  • Focus on adventure travel, we love an adrenaline rush
  • Nellie is also an inspiration of someone designing their life in a way that lets them life their dreams. Despite graduating as an engineer Nellie has escaped the 9-5 grind and found a way to support her passion for travel and adventure.

2: Nicole Smith of

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Nicole Smith grew up in Adelaide and quickly caught the travel bug as a child. Since turning 18 she has travelled and blogged her way around Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Still young and free Nicole now lives between Melbourne and London.

What we love..

  • We’ve been enjoying the ‘First Time in‘ series in whichNicole quickly gives you 5 great tips on things you must see in that destination. This is especially handy for stop over destinations such as Hong Kong where you may not have long to take in the sights.
  • Nicole has a huge long bucket list on the site which provide lots of inspiration for writing your own bucket list.
  • Loads of great articles to help you explore Australia

3: Lyndon Barnett of Flight Centre

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Anyone lucky enough to know Lyndon will know he is a barrel of laughs and that you will often hear him before you see him. Lyndon has a passion for travel and has a job where he can share this with the world via the Flight Centre blog.

What we love:

  • Lyndon loves to bring some celebrity glitz to his blogs with recent blog topics including the filming of Guy Sebastian’s music video, Bond hotels, Michael Palin on Brazil and even an exclusive with Big Brother housemate Charne.
  • Lyndon also provides some great inspiration on the finer side of life with articles on great food destinations, luxury hotels and resorts.

4: Anita Mac of traveldestinationbucketlist

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Follow Anita Mac as she works her way through an ever growing bucket list across the world on

What we love:

  • Anita is not just a dreamer, she is a doer. Follow her blog posts and you will see Anita follows through to make her travel and experience dreams come true. We think Anita is a great inspiration and we are sure you will agree.
  • One bucket list is not enough – Anita has three bucket lists on her site which are all growing!
  • Loads of great photos and travel tips based on real life experience.
  • Anita invites others to share their bucket lists. If you haven’t written one yet the you better get started.

5: Dean Wickham of

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Dean is an Aussie travel blogger who runs Road to Anywhere. He’s originally from Perth but now living in Brisbane (when he’s not travelling).

What we love:

  • We love Deans philosophy that travel makes you a stronger and wiser person.
  • Loads of great photos. You won’t find a site full of generic stock images as Dean is a keen travel photographer and jams most of the blogs posts full of great photos from his travels.
  • Being an Aussie blogger the Road to Anywhere blog has loads of great travel tips and inspiration for travel around Australia.

Who’s your favourite travel blogger? Let us know your tips for great bloggers and blogs in the comments below.

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