The east coast is a prime spot for sunrises. Every morning, the sun pops its head up over Australia, treating onlookers to a colourful display (weather permitting) in the sky.

If you are road tripping down the coast, set your alarm and be out of bed early to catch sunup in one of these spectacular spots. We guarantee it’ll be worth it.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Watch Sydney come to life while standing under the iconic arches of the Harbour Bridge. The pedestrian walkway across the bridge is free to access, and offers million-dollar views of the harbour at sunrise. This early in the morning, you will only have to share the bridge with a few other visitors and determined joggers. On particularly colourful mornings, the light reflects off the glass skyscrapers, so have your camera ready to catch the show.

2. The Twelve Apostles  If you happen to be driving down the Great Ocean Road, make a stop at the Port Campbell National Park. This section of coast is one of the most beautiful in Australia and it is even more dazzling at dawn. It’s also home to the Twelve Apostles, limestone stacks shaped by millions of years of erosion. Sunrise bathes the towering stones in pastel light, creating an ethereal scene.

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3. Princes Pier This historic pier reaches out over the water in Port Phillip Bay. In the early morning, the wooden poles rising out of the water take on an eerie feel, giving keen photographers plenty of photo fodder. At 580 metres long, the pier is never crowded at sunrise, so you will be able to admire the scene in peace.

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4. Cape Hillsborough Cape Hillsborough National Park is a wonderland of rainforest and beach, volcanic headlands and eucalypt forests. The best time to visit is at the crack of dawn – sunrise here is incredible and not just for the rich colours in the sky. This beach is famous for the kangaroos that bound down the sand at sunrise in search of mangrove seed pods. It makes for a great spectacle and an even better photo opportunity.

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