The Sydney Film Festival (SFF) is a 12-day silver screen extravaganza. Between June 7 and 18, you’ll have the opportunity to take in groundbreaking examples of film from across the country and around the world, as well as enjoy virtual reality experiences and enlightening festival talks.

If you are planning on heading to Sydney this June to catch the SFF, here are a few outstanding events to keep an eye out for. 

1. Virtual Reality at The Hub – June 7-18

Films might unlock your imagination, but virtual reality lets you dive right into an imaginary world. Pull the headset down and prepare to be immersed in an adventure involving Japanese robots, an Antarctic dive and more. 

2. Barbecue and the Meat & Wine Company – June 14

Foodies will delight in  the unique experience of watching a film all about the tradition of barbecuing meat, and then tucking into a six-course international feast at the Meat and Wine Company. Barbecue is a film that takes its viewers on a journey around the globe, documenting the different ways meat is cooked in communities from South Africa to New Zealand. 

The meal that follows continues the international theme, with dishes from places as distant as the Middle East and Argentina. The inventive menu comes with matched wines and is followed by a mouthwatering dessert. 

3. Europe! Voices of women in film – June 7-18

Female filmmakers are woefully underrepresented worldwide. The SFF confronts this fact and this year will present a program highlighting 10 outstanding features from around the world, each directed by women intent on changing the gender imbalance in the industry. 

Check out powerful new movies such as ‘The Divine Order’, ‘The Levelling’ and ‘House of Others’. 

4. Vivid Ideas & SFF present: Diversity on Australian screens – June 16 

Film is an important medium for exploring challenging, relevant questions. In this talk, the creative minds behind ‘Australia Day’ and ‘Ali’s Wedding’ discuss the question of whether films are diverse enough, and take a close look at multiculturalism in Australia’s cinema. 

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